Ashen Tome of Fire

How to get an Ashen Tome of Fire? The Sea of Thieves Ashen Treasures Guide

The third volume in this fiery series of Tomes has been discovered in the Sea of Thieves. The Ashen Tomes of Fire are the latest artifacts that the those pesky skeletons have been guarding.

Duke is back and looking to collect these new Tomes to further learn the secrets of the ominous Ashen Lords! With the threat of Captain Flameheart looming over the Sea of Thieves, Duke is looking to come prepared for any encounter!

It’s up to us to help Duke track down these Tomes so let’s get to work!

Ashen Tome of Fire

How do you get a Tome of Fire?

Just like the previous two volumes of Tomes, you will need to find an Ashen Key and an Ashen Chest.

Both are mandatory in acquiring an Ashen Tome as Ashen Chests contain the Tomes and can only be opened with an Ashen Key.

Every Ashen Chest is guaranteed to have at least one of the fifteen possible Tomes inside. That means you are not guaranteed to find an Ashen Tome of Fire the first chest you crack open. You might find several Tomes of Power or duplicate chapters before finally getting that final Tome needed to complete your collection.

Ashen Chest and Ashen Key

An Ashen Tome is not the only thing hidden away in these precious chests either. Ritual Skulls, Doubloon Pouches, Gold Pouches and Ashen Artifacts can also be found inside!

There are a total of five different Tomes of Fire that need to be found and turned in to Duke. One for each chapter of a five chapter volume.

On your mission to acquire the complete volume, you will be hunting down:

  • Tome of Fire I
  • Tome of Fire II
  • Tome of Fire III
  • Tome of Fire IV
  • Tome of Fire V

Where do you turn in a Tome of Fire?

With a Tome of Fire in hand, head to Duke found at any Outpost and sell it to him for doubloons! There are a brand new batch of commendations related to the Tomes of Fire to unlock so you will be earning plenty of doubloons during your time retrieving these new Ashen Tomes.

Ashen Tome of Fire

The commendations not only give you doubloons for completing them but also unlock new Ashen Dragon cosmetics that have been added to the Black Market!

There are six new Ashen Dragon cosmetics to collect! Five of the six are tied to finding each of the different Tome of Fire chapters. The sixth Ashen Dragon cosmetic will unlock after finding all five chapters in the Ashen Tome of Fire volume.

We know that we need an Ashen Chest and Ashen Key, but how do we go about getting them?

How do you get an Ashen Key?

Nothing has changed since the Tomes of Power have been uncovered in terms of finding Ashen Keys. There are still two main ways to hunt down Ashen Keys. The first being killing a ferocious Ashen Key Master and the other being randomly fishing it out of the sea!

Key Masters

For those unfamiliar with Ashen Key Masters, they are a recent addition to the Sea of Thieves. Key Masters are a more difficult type of Skeleton Captain. You can tell the difference between your average Skeleton Captain and a mighty Key Master by the orange title above their head reading Ashen Key Master and their fiery red glow!

Ashen Key Masters are in charge of keeping the sacred Ashen Keys safe and out of the hands of pirates like us! So how can you find a Key Master?

Emergent Key Masters

The formidable Key Masters will spawn randomly on islands in the Sea of Thieves just like emergent Skeleton Captains have for a while now. You never know when you might run into one while exploring an island. Though, you can always spot one from a distance by the red light radiating from them.

Ashen Key Master

Ashen Skeleton Forts

If you haven’t tried the latest remix of the Skeleton Forts then you are in for a treat!

There are now three Captain waves to defeat when taking a Skeleton Fort. The second to last Captain wave will have you slaying two Skeleton Captains. One being an Ashen Key Master and the other an Ashen Guardian. Defeat the Ashen Key Master during this Captain wave and the Ashen Key is yours!

Ashen Skull Fort


Yes, that is right. You can fish one of these elusive Ashen Keys from the sea with your fishing rod! Just cast your line into any pond or anywhere in the open water without bait and hope you don’t get a bite.

Instead, hope that you latch onto an Ashen Key at the end of your line!

Fishing for Ashen Key

How do you get an Ashen Chest?

You have more options when trying to find an Ashen Chest compared to an Ashen Key. You can take down an Ashen Guardian, defeat an Ashen Skeleton Fort, conquer an Ashen Skeleton Ship battle or purchase an Ashen Chest Stash Voyage from Duke.

Ashen Guardians

Ashen Guardians are the counterpart to Ashen Key Masters. These raging Skeleton Captain variants drop a quest leading to a hidden Ashen Chest.

Similar to the Key Master, their orange title above their head signifies that they are an Ashen Guardian as well as their red aura.

Ashen Guardian

Emergent Ashen Guardians

The Ashen Guardians are known to randomly patrol islands in the Sea of Thieves. During your adventures you might get lucky to come across one lying in wait.

Ashen Skeleton Forts

The second to last wave of the remixed Skeleton Forts now spawn an Ashen Key Master as well as an Ashen Guardian. Kill The Ashen Guardian and pick up the X Marks the Spot quest it drops. The quest will lead you to an Ashen Chest buried on the fort.

There is also an extra bonus Ashen Chest inside the fort vault. You will need to defeat the Skeleton Lord that appears during the final Captain wave to acquire the fort key. Open the fort vault with the fort key to find a waiting Ashen Chest along with dozens of other pieces of valuable loot!

Ashen Skeleton Ship Clouds

Defeating the Captain of the Ashen fleet that spawns at the Ashen Skeleton Ship clouds will net you several Ashen Chests! Yes, more than one!

While that sounds very enticing, the skeleton ships that spawn during this battle come loaded with Firebombs! You will need to prepare for the fight with plenty of food and planks if you want to make it to the Captain wave and leave victorious!

Ashen Skeleton Ship Cloud

Ashen Chest Stash Voyages

If you find yourself with an Ashen Key and without an Ashen Chest, you can always purchase an Ashen Chest Stash Voyage.

These are available in the Black Market. They are expensive but will give you a quest for an Ashen Chest at the closest Outpost. The high price comes with a quick and painless chest.

Ashen Chest Stash


Along the way in delivering all the Tomes of Fire to Duke you will be unlocking the following commendations:

Tome of Fire I – Sell the Tome of Fire I. (15 doubloons)

Tome of Fire II – Sell the Tome of Fire II. (15 doubloons)

Tome of Fire III – Sell the Tome of Fire III. (15 doubloons)

Tome of Fire IV – Sell the Tome of Fire IV. (15 doubloons)

Tome of Fire V – Sell the Tome of Fire V. (15 doubloons)

Tome of Fire Collector – Sell all 5 Tomes of Fire. (50 doubloons)

There are plenty of opportunities around every corner in the Sea of Thieves to acquire an Ashen Key or Ashen Chest! Duke is going to need all the help he can get against Captain Flameheart so we wish you luck on acquiring each Tome of Fire!

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