Haunted Shores

Sea of Thieves: Haunted Shores

The Haunted Shores is here and with it comes a dangerous dose of Flameheart! Haunted Shores introduces a brand new World Event lead by the treacherous Captain himself. This new encounter will have you pushing back Flameheart’s advance by taking on his armada of Ghost Ships!

Alongside Ghost Ship World Event comes a brand new voyage from the Order of Souls, a shanty selection system, new cosmetics in the Black Market and more free emotes in the Pirate Emporium.

Below you’ll find guides for all the Haunted Shores content allowing you to show Flameheart who’s boss while looking good doing it!

Ghost Ship World Event Guide

The Sea of the Damned is sprouting up across the Sea of Thieves thanks to the infamous Captain Flameheart! To stop him, you’ll be battling against a brand new sea-based threat, Ghost Ships.

This guide will show you how to defeat Flameheart’s Ghost Ships and leave the World Event victorious!

Ghost Ships Flameheart
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Order of Souls Ghost Ship Voyages

While Flameheart is busy conjuring Ghost Ships for his grand battle in the World Event, the Order of Souls are taking the fight to Flameheart. These new voyages will have you going after and taking down summoned Ghost Ships who are haunting other islands in the Sea of Thieves.

Order of Souls Ghost Ship Voyage
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Choose Your Shanty!

There are eight new shanties to play in the Sea of Thieves! With so many shanties to choose from, it is the perfect time for the shanty selection system to make its debut.

This guide will list the new shanties as well as show you how to access the new shanty selection system. Make sure that you can start playing the perfect song to match the mood at a moment’s notice!

Playing Instruments
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What is Duke Selling? Jun. 17th – Jul. 15th 2020

It’s all gloom and doom out there as Flameheart rages on for his control of the Sea of Thieves. Duke hasn’t let that stop him from finding new cosmetics for us to use our hard-earned doubloons and gold on.

Check out what new items Duke is offering and how much they are going for in our What is Duke Selling? guide below!

Duke's Black Market June
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In Store on the Shores! Jun. 17th – Jul. 15th 2020

It looks like the zombies are getting jealous of all this ghost talk. Head on over to the Pirate Emporium and explore the new ship collection inspired by the zombie survival game, State of Decay. You’ll also find new emotes and pet outfits to try out!

Pirate Emporium
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