Pirate Emporium

In Store on the Shores! Jun. 17th – Jul. 15th 2020

Who knew that June could be so spooky? With all the wicked Ghost Ships roaming the Sea of Thieves right now, it is only appropriate that the latest offerings in the Pirate Emporium would be as equally creepy!

You will find new cursed pets, Ghost Pet Outfits and a brand new ship collection inspired by the living dead! No, not inspired by skeletons…zombies!


The Pet offerings this month in the Pirate Emporium are very exciting! There are brand new Gold Curse Pets to purchase as well as new Ghost Pet Outfits for pirates looking to show off their max Athena Rank!

Gold Curse Pets

If you don’t know by now, a living thing afflicted by the Gold Curse got it by touching a piece of cursed gold. It looks like these pets were a little too curious for their own good!

The Gold Curse is not a color variant of an existing pet but rather a brand new pet. You can purchase each individually for 649 Ancient Coin.

Ghost Pet Outfits

These Ghost Pet Outfits are perfect for any Pirate Legend wanting to show off their Champion of Athena’s Fortune title. If your pirate isn’t showing off themselves, you can have your pet do it for you with these new Ghost Outfits.

You can purchase each outfit for 249 Ancient Coin after you have unlocked the Champion of Athena’s Fortune title.

Bilge Rat Cat Outfits

Let’s be honest…it’s hard to keep your pet grooming up to par in the Sea of Thieves. Why not purchase the Bilge Rat Cat Outfit for your feline friend and go with the flow. It’s best to embrace the scruffy than go against it!


There be plenty of new emotes to own this month in the Pirate Emporium! You can take a more quiet approach by checking out the Hide and Peek Bundle or throw all caution to the wind and live like a wild animal by perusing the Animal Dance Bundle!

Hide and Peek Bundle

The Hide and Peek Bundle offers four new hiding emotes to arm your sneaky pirate with! One of the emotes in the bundle, Cannonball Hide, is actually free if you weren’t looking to part ways with your Ancient Coin just yet.

The other three emotes are Playful Hide, Post Hide and Wall Hide. When using these emotes, your gamertag and title will be hidden from all players as long as you don’t move out of them or make a sound!

You can purchase the Hide and Peek Bundle for 299 Ancient Coin or purchase the three emotes individually for 149 Ancient Coin each.

Hide and Peak Bundle

Animal Dance Bundle

Your lovely little pet companion has been mimicking your dance moves since they arrived to the Sea of Thieves. Why not show them some love and move like they do with an Animal Dance emote?

The Animal Dance Bundle comes with the Cat Dance, Parrot Dance, Shark Dance and Squid Dance emotes. You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or purchase the emotes individually for 149 Ancient Coin each.

Animal Dance Bundle

Free Emote

This new free emote for the month will catch the eye of any show off! You’ll want to grab the Shovel Skills emote so your pirate can prove once and for all who is the best shovel balancer of them all!

Shovel Skills


This month’s Ship Collection doesn’t pay homage to any Rare title but rather a fellow Microsoft Studios developer’s game. The Blighted Ship Collection will be a favorite for those who enjoyed surviving the zombie apocalypse in State of Decay.

Blighted Ship Collection

The Blighted Ship Collection does an excellent job of conjuring memories from the zombie survival game, State of Decay. You’ll find undead hands and skulls throughout each ship cosmetic. The Collector’s Blighted Figurehead hand even twitches!

If you participated in the Blighted Bonus event earlier this month, you will already have some of these ship cosmetics unlocked. The Pirate Emporium is offering those previous cosmetics as well as new ones to complete the set!

Stay safe out there while sailing the Sea of Thieves! A dreaded Ghost Ship could be around any corner! For those who sail with the Blighted Ship Collection, you’ll have to let us know who wins the Zombie vs Ghost debate!

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