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Sea of Thieves: Choose Your Shanty!

When Haunted Shores launches on June 17th it will bring with it a brand new shanty selection system! No longer will pirates need to cycle through each shanty until they land upon one to make the perfect moment. Thanks to the new shanty selection user interface, you can now choose what you want to play when you want to play it!

How to choose which shanty to play?

After equipping an instrument, you will see a new radial option, Shanties, when viewing the Item Radial. Those who love to fish will be familiar with this as it is similar to how the Bait option appears when you are wielding a Fishing Rod.

Shanty Selection

After selecting Shanties, you can then select any shanty you’d like to play from two whole pages worth!

Yep, that’s right! Why this new shanty selection system is even more important is because there are eight new shanties to choose from!

The new shanties include:

  • 1812
  • Happy Birthday
  • Jolly Good Fellow
  • Seek The Dead
  • Stitcher’s Sorrow
  • We Shall Sail Together
  • Who Shall Not Be Returning
  • Maiden Voyage
Shanty Selection
Shanty Selection

We cannot wait to set the mood for a somber trip to the Devil’s Roar while playing Stitcher’s Sorrow!

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