Ashen WInds

Sea of Thieves: Ashen Winds

If you thought Ghost Ships were the only trick up Flameheart’s sleeve, think again! Flameheart has commanded his Ashen Skeletons to summon Ashen Lords to the Sea of Thieves.

This new land-based threat can be found during the Ashen Lord World Event that has now been thrown into the mix of possible World Events.

When you are not killing Ashen Lords or setting ships ablaze with the Ashen Winds Skull, you’ll want to stop by the Black Market and Pirate Emporium to see the latest offerings.

There’s plenty to do this month in the Sea of Thieves. Best set down that grog of yours and set sail pirates!

Ashen Lords World Event Guide

Ashen Lords

Ashen Winds Skull

Ashen Winds Skull

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Drowned Rat Tavern

Pirate Emporium June 2020

Pirate Emporium

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