Pirate Emporium

In Store on the Shores! Jul. 22nd – Aug. 19th 2020

Did you know that this year marks Rare’s 35th anniversary? This year is also special for Rare as it is Rare Replay’s 5th anniversary! They have been bring one-of-a-kind experiences to homes across the globe for 35 years and there are no signs of stopping!

There are plenty of new goodies in the Pirate Emporium this month from new cursed pets to fun emotes. Though to celebrate the epic milestone that Rare as a studio has achieved, they are throwing a massive sale for all heritage ship bundles and heritage ship items!

If you’ve been eyeing that Banjo-Kazooie or Killer Instinct ship set, now is the time to make them yours!


Want to show those mighty Ashen Lords that they are not the only ones who can wield Ashen power? Why not bring one of the new Ashen Curse Collector’s Pets along with you for the fight?

Ashen Curse Collector’s Pets

The new Ashen Curse Collector’s Pets appear to have been scorched by the Devil’s Roar. Their Ashen Curse transformation leaves them with black and red coats that showcase their beating hearts!

These are not outfits for your current pets but rather a whole new pet to have as a companion.

Each is available to purchase for 649 Ancient Coin.

Kraken Cat Outfits

If you were a fan of the Kraken Pet Outfits for your monkey or parrot but were hoping to match your beloved new cat, wait no more!

The Kraken Pet Outfits have just expanded to include variants for each of the three different cats.

You can purchase the Wildcat Kraken Outfit, Ragamuffin Kraken Outfit and Mau Kraken Outfit for 249 Ancient Coin each.


There are two brand new emote bundles and another new free emote to grab this month!

Storytelling Emotes Bundle

The Storytelling Emotes Bundle includes six new emotes. These emotes will help you add that extra bravado the next time you retell one of your grand adventures to your crew mates.

For 749 Ancient Coin, you can purchase the Storytelling Emotes Bundle which includes the Bragging Story, Angry Story, My Story, Happy Story, Frantic Story and Sad Story emotes.

Storytelling Emotes Bundle

Character Emotes Bundle

We have all come to know and love the pirates that inhabit the Outposts in the Sea of Thieves. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you’d like to make your Outpost friends proud, why not purchase the Character Emotes Bundle?

This bundle includes emotes that will help you feel like a true Gold Hoarder, Merchant, or even Duke himself!

For 499 Ancient Coin, you can purchase the Character Emotes Bundle which includes the Mysteriously Casual, Hoarding the Keys, Speaking to Souls, Meticulous Merchant, Shipwright Crafting, Sword Smithing, Duke’s Drinking Spot and Duke’s Hiding Spot emotes.

Character Emotes Bundle

Free Giveaway Emote

The Free Giveaway Emote this month will be the perfect emote to display as you defeat an Ashen Lord this month. Use the new Heel Click emote and jump for joy as you reap the rewards from the epic battle!

Heel Click Emote


As we mentioned, Rare is celebrating their grand milestone of creating games for 35 years with a massive sale on all their heritage ship cosmetics. You can purchase the previous months heritage ship bundles for 35% off or take advantage of general discounts on all heritage ship items.

Night Wulf Ship Collection

Between the Ashen Curse Collector’s Pets and the Storytelling Emotes Bundle, we don’t know what we will get first! We hope to see you and your Ashen pet out on the sea as we take down one of the four dangerous Ashen Lords!

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