Ashen Winds Skull

Sea of Thieves: Ashen Winds Skull

Flameheart has summoned his formidable Ashen Lords to Sea of Thieves! These new land-based threats bring a whole new challenge for any brave pirate to conquer. They also bring with them a devastating new reward, the Ashen Winds Skull!

To learn more about Ashen Lords, you can head over to our Ashen Lords World Event Guide here. If you’d like to know more about the Ashen Winds Skull and how to wield the new in-session progression weapon, read on below!

Ashen Lords

What is the Ashen Winds Skull?

The Ashen Winds Skull is a unique reward that is dropped by any defeated Ashen Lord.

The interesting thing about this reward is that it can also be used as a weapon! This dual purposed item gives players a choice once acquiring it. Sell it for gold to the Order of Souls or use it as an in-session progression weapon.

When wielded, the skull can be used like a Flamethrower! It releases a jet of raging fire that can set nearby players, skeletons and ships ablaze!

The Ashen Winds Skull has a finite amount of charge inside it though. Once drained the skull can no longer be used as a weapon and is worth very little.

The skull visually displays its remaining charge with the glowing intensity of crystal inside of it. When the crystal begins to dull, you’ll know you are running low on charge.

Ashen Skull

How to get an Ashen Winds Skull

The Ashen Winds Skull can only be found during the Ashen Lord World Event. Upon defeating the Ashen Lord it will drop the skull similar to how Skeleton Captains will drop bounty skulls when you kill them.

Watch out for any nearby crews that are also trying to acquire the Ashen Winds Skull! Just because you killed the Ashen Lord does not guarantee you the skull.

How to use the Ashen Winds Skull

The Ashen Winds Skull does not take up a weapon slot. You equip it by holding it like you would any piece of treasure in the Sea of Thieves.

Once in your hands, press your Primary Use button which is most likely Right Trigger on console and Left Mouse Button on PC.

This will cause the skull to emit a large flame from its mouth lighting players, skeletons or ships in close proximity on fire!

While carrying the skull you will move slower just as you would while carrying any other piece of loot. If you need to start moving in a hurry, drop the skull and come back to it!

Ashen Skull

Where do you sell the Ashen Winds Skull?

You can sell the Ashen Winds Skull to any Order of Souls representative. The Order of Souls can be located on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves.

You can sell the skull to the Order of Souls even if it is empty with zero charge left.

As it is a skull, the Reaper’s Bones will also accept the skull from you in exchange for gold.

How much is the Ashen Winds Skull worth?

The Ashen Winds Skull is worth a maximum of 5,000 gold. At a minimum the skull is worth 2,000 gold.

The less charge the Ashen Winds Skull has in it the less it is worth. If you would like to sell it for maximum value and unlock the related commendation, Skull of Fire, be sure to grab the skull right away after defeating an Ashen Lord and sail right for an Outpost.

The amount of Gold the skull is worth is directly related to how much charge it has remaining. It is most valuable when it has full charge, it is worth less and less value as it runs out of charge.

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    1. Did his crew have an Emissary Flag up with a Grade higher than 1? We have sold six so far and at base level we have been getting 5k each time.

  1. I would like to complete warsmith of the flame to get the frostbite cannons, but have not made it on board a skeleton ship with the winds skull. I’m just curious… does anybody know how much fire is required to light a skelly ship and get credit? When i do get on board I’d like to conserve some flame and ignite more skelly ships (since you need 10). How may skelly ships can one ashen flame skull ignite before it runs out?

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