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Sea of Thieves: Sails of Union

Out on the seas pirates zealously amass chests, skulls, trinkets, crates and other valuable items to line their pockets in gold! Yet, Sea of Thieves also offers pirates opportunities to show their generous side.

You might remember the Noble Pathfinder Sails. Those were available earlier in the year, as a piratical means of donating to admirable organization SpecialEffect.

Later in the year, the Valiant Dawn Sails provided an easy way for pirates to donate to the very important St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Happily, these two charity events were not the last of their kind. It is now time to Stand Up To Cancer!

Stand Up to Cancer & Sea of Thieves

Stand Up To Cancer is an ambitious fundraising campaign led by Cancer Research UK and the television network Channel 4. Its mission is to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research.

The fine folks at Rare have teamed up with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to support the campaign with a unique contribution.

Aye—as you likely guessed from the examples above—this collaboration has created an easy way for you to contribute while granting you a new exclusive Sea of Thieves ship cosmetic: Sails of Union.

Sails of Union

Stand Up to Cancer’s website put it quite well: “The ‘Sails of Union’ reflects the strength in unity of gamers who plan to take on cancer with new and exciting gaming challenges.”

Aye, and they do so beautifully! Yellow and blue, with flecks of gold that glow like starlight.

Stand Up To Cancer Sails

How to get the Sails of Union

Starting September 28th, the new Sails of Union ship cosmetic will be available to purchase for $5.99 (£4.99).

Unlike previous charity cosmetics, these will not be available through the Pirate Emporium. Instead, these will be available on the Microsoft Store and on Steam.

For what it’s worth, if you purchase through the Microsoft Store, 100% of the profits will go toward supporting the Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

If you purchase the Sails of Union through Steam, 75% of the purchase price will go toward supporting the Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

You’ll want to purchase your sails from Steam if you purchased Sea of Thieves through Steam. If you don’t own the Steam version of the game and purchased Sea of Thieves through the MS Store, be sure to purchase the sails through the MS Store.

Stand Up To Cancer Sails

Calling All Pirates!

Once you’ve got your sails, fly those colors proudly! Help spread the message throughout the seas, calling all Pirates to Stand Up to Cancer!

You can read more about the Stand Up To Cancer campaign here and find more ways to get involved here. You can even find more gaming related opportunities with games like Forza Horizon 4 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps!

5 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: Sails of Union”

  1. Purchased them through the Microsoft Store, they are not in the game (yes I did check in the ship customization chest). Help!

    1. Do you play the Steam or MS version of the game? If you play Steam but bought it through the MS Store try booting up the game through the MS Store for it to register and then load up the Steam version.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I do play the Steam version of the game, so when I try to boot the game through the MS Store all I get is an option to buy the game 🙁

  3. SOLVED.

    Ok, so the problem was that I owned the Steam version of the game but purchased the Sails of Union from the Microsoft Store, which is linked to my Xbox Live account, which is used in-game. In theory it shouldn’t have been an issue, but it was, the sails never appeared in the ship customization chest.

    So, why didn’t I simply buy the sails on Steam if that’s where I owned the game? Simple, because when I searched for Sails of Union on Steam it yielded no results, while they did show up on the Microsoft Store.

    Hence, if you own the game of Steam but can’t find the Sails, follow this link directly from your browser: this will open up the browser version of Steam. Purchase the sails from there using your Steam account info. The sails will now appear in the game.

    If you already purchased the sails on the Microsoft Store, either request a refund or just accept you donated an additional $6 to cancer research. 🙂

  4. If you have Gamepass you can launch the MS version of the game on console or PC and the sails will be there in your inventory. Then go back to the Steam version of the game and they will now appear.

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