Sea of Thieves: Hunters of the Deep Time-Limited Event Guide

The brand new time-limited event, Hunters of the Deep, has just kicked off! To celebrate the occasion, Merrick is looking for fearless hunters to partake in this shark-themed event. He has tasked the thrill-seeking pirates of the Sea of Thieves to collect Shark Teeth.

What are Shark Teeth? Shark Teeth are a form of token that can be used to unlock items from the new Shrouded Ghost Ship Collection! You’ll want to collect as many as you can so you can purchase the available pieces from the collection.

If you are not able to collect enough Shark Teeth to get every Shrouded Ghost Ship cosmetic before the event is over, the collection will head to the Pirate Emporium.

The Hunters of the Deep event takes place from August 26th to September 8th, 2020. You can find your Shark Teeth total on the official Hunters of the Deep event page here!

One-off Challenges

Earn Shark Teeth by completing the challenges below. You can only do each of these once!

Find and read Umbra’s Journal

5 Shark Teeth

Umbra has hidden away a journal on Devil’s Ridge. From the South beach walk North up a grassy hill. You’ll notice a large overhang to your right as you make your way up. You’ll want to climb on top of this overhang to reach the journal.

Make sure you read the journal yourself. A crew member reading it will not count towards the challenge and you will not get any Shark Teeth.

Legends of the Sea I
See where Umbra’s Journal is on your map.

Acquire a blue Flame of Fate

5 Shark Teeth

Acquiring the Blue Flame of Fate involves being killed by a shark and then grabbing the Blue Flame of Fate before leaving the Ferry of the Damned.

To get a shark to spawn you’ll just want to hang out in the water for a while. A shark should appear and swim towards you. If the shark isn’t interested in biting you trying shooting it or slashing it with your sword. You’ll definitely make it mad enough to bite you!

One shark bite takes 50% of your health so it will take two bites for it to send you to the Ferry of the Damned to collect your flame. Be sure to light a lantern on your ship with this flame as you’ll need it for another challenge!

You must be the one to grab the flame from the Ferry of the Damned for it to count. If a crew member comes back with the flame you will not get the Shark Teeth.

Shark Attack

Deliver 10 shark meat portions to The Hunter’s Call

5 Shark Teeth

You can find shark meat in resource barrels found in shipwrecks or from killing a shark. Getting shark meat from killed sharks might be the easiest way as attracting sharks is as simple as swimming in water for a short period of time.

Once you have collected 10 pieces of shark meat from shipwreck resource barrels or killed sharks, head on over to any Seapost and sell it to the Hunter’s Call representative.

Hand in Shark Meat

Find and read Merrick’s Journal at The Reaper’s Hideout

5 Shark Teeth

This journal can be found at The Reaper’s Hideout. On the North West side of the island you’ll find a makeshift camp. Inside a tent-like structure you’ll find Merrick’s Journal. There will be some fun had with this one as you collect your Shark Teeth.

Be sure you read the journal yourself. Only when you read it, not a crew member, will count towards the challenge and unlock Shark Teeth.

Merrick's Journal on The Reaper's Hideout
See where Merrick’s Journal is on your map.

Light a beacon with a blue Flame of Fate

5 Shark Teeth

Grab that blue Flame of Fate you collected earlier with your lantern and head to any of the beacons that can be found in the Sea of Thieves. Most require acts of bravery involving your ship’s cannon but a few are easy to reach on foot.

You will find a beacon on Smuggler’s Bay, Cannon Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Plunder Valley, Marauder’s Arch, The Crooked Masts, Kraken’s Fall, Crook’s Hollow, Devil’s Ridge, Fetcher’s Rest, Ruby’s Fall and The Devil’s Thirst.

To find the exact location of each beacon, you can head over to our Festival of the Damned guide here!

Festival of the Damned
Click the image to visit the guide!

Repeatable Challenges

Earn Shark Teeth by hunting down different Megalodons. Even hunting more than one of the same breed will add Shark Teeth to your total!

These repeatable challenge all involve defeating different types of Megalodons. These repeatable challenges are also the most valuable method of acquiring shark tokens.

The most important thing to know about Megalodons is that their appearances are completely random. You can only better your chances by sailing in open waters.

This means to stay clear of large rock formations in the water as well as all islands. The more open sea around your boat the better chances you have of a Megalodon spawning.

As soon as you hear a musical queue announcing the Megalodon’s arrival you’ll want to look around your boat and try to get it’s attention. Shoot at it until it start to circle your boat. Once it is circling fire away with your weapon of choice or cannons.

Hunt down The Hungering One

10 Shark Teeth

The Hunger One is the most common Megalodon. It is blue with white features.

Hungering One

Crush the Crested Queen

20 Shark Teeth

You’ll know you are about to kill a Crested Queen because of its purple coloring.

Crested Queen

Subdue Shadowmaw

30 Shark Teeth

What color do you think the Shadowmaw is? Going off of its name it was safe to assume black. If you spot a black Megalodon with red features you’ve found the Shadowmaw!


Trash the Ancient Terror

40 Shark Teeth

The Ancient Terror is a yellow colored Megalodon and very hard to find!

Ancient Terror

Slay the Shrouded Ghost

100 Shark Teeth

Ah yes, the infamous Shroud Ghost. Some pirates will tell you that it doesn’t exist. You can prove them wrong by killing this white and pink Megalodon and getting yourself 100 Shark Teeth!

Shrouded Ghost


Up for grabs are the Shrouded Ghost Hunter flag, hull, figurehead and sails. You’ll need 100 Shark Teeth in total to unlock each piece of the ship collection

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Flag

25 Shark Teeth

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Flag

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull

50 Shark Teeth

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead

75 Shark Teeth

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Hull

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails

100 Shark Teeth

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Sails

The Hunters of the Deep is not the only event taking place in the Sea of Thieves right now! If you are looking to score some sweet cosmetics from the Courage set, be sure to check out our Summer of Sea of Thieves Time-Limited Event guide here!

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