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Sea of Thieves: How to get Dark Adventurer Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves is kicking off the New Year stronger than ever. Those of you pirates with a war chest of gold will likely be happily raiding and depleting it soon.

Outposts across the sea have added many new cosmetics, but the most enticingly expensive luxury items include the new Dark Adventurer Cosmetics.

How to get the Dark Adventurer Cosmetics

Unlike may other coveted cosmetics, there are no commendations, deeds, events, or other in-game activities barring your way to the Dark Adventurer cosmetics.

However—also unlike some past cosmetics that have been unlocked through such in-game activities—the Dark Adventurer cosmetics are not free.

Thus, the only barriers to purchasing these cosmetics are (1) you must have amassed the requisite Gold, and (2) you must be a Pirate Legend. Aye, the Dark Adventurer cosmetics are exclusive to Pirate Legends.

One more time with feeling…

Pirates, Ye Be Warned:
The Dark Adventurer cosmetics are exclusive to Pirate Legends.

If you are a Pirate Legend and have the Gold Coins to spare, donning these highly sought-after cosmetics will add an extra dash of prestige to your presence on the seas!

If you are not a Pirate Legend, don’t lose heart! You have plenty of time…

How long will the Dark Adventurer Cosmetics be available?

Forever! These cosmetics are a permanent addition!

Aye! So, any pirate may someday claim these Dark Adventurer cosmetics as their own—even if you only recently washed ashore in the Sea of Thieves.

Where do you buy the Dark Adventurer Cosmetics?

These cosmetics will be available for purchase in the Pirate Legend Hideout. More formally known as “Athena’s Fortune” or “Tavern of Legends.”

If you’ve not yet purchased items in the Pirate Legend Hideout, begin as you always enter: walk into a tavern; play that sacred shanty; descend the darkened stairs, and follow the glow.

Next, make your way to Luke at the “Athena’s Fortune Shop.” You’ll find Luke in a corner of the tavern, not far behind the merry musicians.

To purchase the Dark Adventurer Ship cosmetics, walk all the way down the dock to find Legendary Liz.

Dark Adventurer Cosmetics—a bit o’ Lore

There’s more to these than meets the eye.

Whispers on the wind say the Dark Adventurer cosmetics were designed by the Reaper’s Bones. ‘Tis merely their latest bid to lure Pirate Legends to their cause.

Seeing as there is no love lost between the Pirate Lord and the Reaper’s Bones, the Pirate Lord set these exorbitant prices. It is his hope that this might dissuade Pirate Legends from giving in to the Reaper’s nefarious allure.

What are the Dark Adventurer Cosmetics and How Much do they Cost?

Ah, yes! Seeing as these cosmetics are tucked away in the Pirate Legend Hideout, let’s bring them out into the light where we can all “ooo…” and “ahhh…”—and maybe start budgeting our Gold Coins!

Currently, the Dark Adventurer cosmetics include: equipment, weapons, instruments, and ship cosmetics. We’ve listed each item and their prices below.

Dark Adventurer Equipment

The Dark Adventurer Equipment cosmetics range from 303,750 to 2,160,00 gold.

The of Dark Adventurer Equipment cosmetics include the Dark Adventurer Compass, Fishing Rod, Pocket Watch, Spyglass, Bucket, Lantern, Shovel, Speaking Trumpet, and Tankard.

Click on any item you fancy and get a closer look…

Dark Adventurer Weapons

If you are looking to equip your weapons with these new cosmetics, you can purchase each Dark Adventurer Weapon cosmetics for 2,551,500 gold.

The Dark Adventurer Weapon cosmetics include the Dark Adventurer Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Pistol and Eye of Reach.

Click the image for any weapon you think warrants further inspection or admiration. 

Dark Adventurer Instruments

The Dark Adventurer Instrument cosmetics range from 961,875 to 1,181,250 gold.

The Dark Adventurer Instrument cosmetics include the Dark Adventurer Banjo, Concertina, Drum and Hurdy-Gurdy.

Click any image below to delight in the devilish details.

Dark Adventurer Ship Cosmetics

The Dark Adventurer Instrument cosmetics range from 4,134,375 to 8,268,750 gold.

The Dark Adventurer Ship cosmetics include the Dark Adventurer Wheel, Sails, Hull, Flag, Figurehead, Capstan and Cannon.

Click on any item you fancy and get a closer look…

The Power of Emissaries

Whether you are a pirate still looking to achieve Pirate Legend status or just short of gold, you’ll want to take advantage of Trading Company Emissaries.

Flying a Trading Company Emissary Flag during your adventures will raise your Emissary Grade. The higher your Emissary Grade, the more gold and reputation you will earn when you finally sell your loot to the Trading Company you represent.

For more on the Trading Company Emissaries and how to raise your Emissary Grade, be sure to check out our guide here.

Trading Company Emissaries
Click the image to visit the guide!

Pirate Lord, Forgive Us.

We know the Reaper’s Bones are evil. Yet, even the Pirate Lord should know we pirates cannot resist such a temptation!

Not only do we covet the equipment, weapons, and instruments, we also can’t help but hope there will be more Dark Adventurer cosmetics in the future!

That is… as soon as we replenish our gold…

I'm Sorry Ramsey, Pirate Legend Hideout
He’s not mad, just disappointed.

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