Gilded Voyages

Sea of Thieves: Gilded Voyages Guide 2020

The Festival of Giving has taken over the Sea of Thieves! To kick off the season of giving, Larinna has decided to bring back a fan favorite!

It turns out that Larinna has gotten her hands on a stash of Gilded Voyages. To celebrate the holidays, she is gifting each pirate who sees her one of these lucrative voyages.

Gilded Voyages

Each Gilded Voyage will allow you to collect a range of high-valued loot designated to the Trading Company for that particular Gilded Voyage.

You can only claim one Gilded Voyage from Larinna though, so choose wisely!

Once you purchase any one of the Gilded Voyages from Larinna, you will not be able to buy another one, even if it is for a different Trading Company!

To make sure you choose the right one for you, we have listed what to expect from each of the four Gilded Voyages below.

A Gilded Hoard long buried by the Pirate Legend Three Sheets Neate

If you are looking to raise your reputation with the Gold Hoarders you’ll want to do the Gilded Hoard voyage. This voyage will have you digging up dozens of Captain’s Chests that are sure to raise your reputation a level or two!

You will also want to raise your Gold Hoarder Emissary Flag before starting the voyage to really take advantage of this Gilded Voyage! You can read more about the benefits of Trading Company Emissaries here.

Gold Hoarder Ship Emissary

The Gilded Duel with the Pirate Legend crew of The Mermaid’s Secret

If you want to raise your Order of Souls reputation, then the Gilded Duel voyage is the one for you! During this voyage you will be hunting down Bounty Skeleton Captains that will drop shiny and expensive Villainous Skulls. These Villainous Skulls will get you a nice boost of Order of Souls reputation!

Remember to raise your Order of Souls Emissary Flag if you’d like a chance to see that reputation double!

Order of Souls Ship Emissary

A Gilded Cargo Run for the Pirate Legend Grog Mayles

If you are looking to make significant gains with the Merchant Alliance, Larinna’s Gilded Cargo Run voyage is what you should purchase. This Gilded Voyage will have you digging up dozens of Silk Crates that the Merchant Alliance would love to get their hands on!

Raising your Merchant Alliance Emissary Flag will help get you even more reputation from those lucrative crates!

Merchant Alliance Ship Emissary

Mike the Mutinous’ Gilded Voyage of Legends

For you Pirate Legends looking to reach reputation level 20, the Gilded Voyage of Legends is what you seek! This voyage will ultimately lead you to three Chests of Legends!

And of course, don’t forget to raise your Athena’s Fortune Emissary Flag to really tip the scales in your favor!

Athena's Fortune Ship Emissary

Claim your voyage and vote on it. This is your one chance to reap the rewards of this Gilded Voyage so make sure you are ready!

You can’t leave and come back to continue it once you have voted on it. You also can’t do it again so make sure you are prepared for the adventure that awaits you!

Each of the Gilded Voyages available will consist of eight quests! By the end of the voyage you will have collected dozens of Captain’s Chests, Crates of Silk or Villainous Skulls!

Gilded Athena Quests

Let us know what Gilded Voyage you decided in the comments below! We hope every one of you pirates has favorable wind and plenty of good fortune on their next sail! Happy Festival of Giving!

7 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: Gilded Voyages Guide 2020”

  1. I am in an arguement with friends asking wether or not there was a gilded mermaid gem voyage cause they said there was, I want people to vouch for me saying there was never?!?!

  2. There was… lol. You are wrong Andrew, However if you want to be right, then it wasn’t technically a gilded but, there was a quest for a while people would replay over and over similar to the Athena run of Thieves haven. It would have tons of gems on the quest and in 2019 that was how I ranked up my hunters call. about 30 gems per quest. Took about 1.5 hours each. Don’t remember what they were called though. In the end you are technically right. There was no GILDED sort of speak, but aside from the quest label name… it existed.

  3. Kinda Sucks alot when you come back to the game after a several month hiatus and grab the first gilded one on the list, just to be locked out of the others, and then discard it thinking you can get a different one, and find out you can’t anymore at all. Really would have loved more of a warning on the whole “you only get one” situation. Really sucks.

  4. The people at Rare have been great when you make mistakes like this. Send them a ticket explaining. They will more than likely reinstate you chance to buy another gilded

    1. Nope, you only get the one. There might be another one available to purchase next holiday season, but it isn’t guaranteed. Have to use the one wisely!

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