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Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned Voyage Week 3 Guide—In Pursuit of Prowling, Devilish Shadows of Fate

The third week of the Fate of the Damned update introduces another new voyage to experience. Though this Fate of the Damned voyage involves a lot more fire than the last two!

There is only one place left for the Shadows of Fate to occupy with the original three regions now taken over.

The Shadows of Fate have turned to the Devil’s Roar and have been spotted on various volcanic islands throughout the region.

Larinna continues to send out Bilge Rats to stop any more Shadows of Fate from escaping the Sea of the Damned and creating mischief in the Sea of Thieves.

Fate of the Damned: The Lore Continued

Up to no good

The fearsome Skeleton Lord by the name of Graymarrow is up to no good! While he has been known to show his face around the Fort of the Damned from time to time, the pirates of the Sea of Thieves have been able to contain him to that one island.

That is no longer the case! It appears that the rituals being performed are allowing the Ghost of Graymarrow to escape from the Sea of the Damned and into the Sea of Thieves. This opening to the Sea of the Damned is also allowing the pesky Shadows of Fate to invade the Sea of Thieves.

Now that we know Graymarrow is involved, it makes sense what has been happening to Larinna’s Bilge Rats. For those familiar with Graymarrow, you’ll know he is best known for binding his enemies’ souls to cursed objects. This is preventing the Bilge Rats from going to the Ferry of the Damned and being ferried back to the Sea of Thieves by the Ferryman.

Hopefully after the problem with the Shadows of Fate is dealt with, our good friend Pendragon can help put those poor Bilge Rat crew members to rest.

In the mean time, Larinna still needs help from the good pirates of the Sea of Thieves to hunt down the Shadows of Fate and destroy them!

Bilge Rat Lantern At Night

In Pursuit of Prowling, Devilish Shadows of Fate

The third Fate of the Damned Voyage is now available! You will find the In Pursuit of Prowling, Devilish Shadows of Fate voyage in Larinna’s Black Market. This voyage is free just as the first two Fate of the Damned voyages were.

You and your crew will sail from island to island in The Devil’s Roar looking for the missing Bilge Rat Crews. During your search you will come across one of the rituals. When you do Larinna is hoping you can stop it by any means necessary!

During this voyage you will also acquire Pink and Red Flames of Fate—without a trip to the Ferry of the Damned.

If you prefer watching a walkthrough of the guide, you can always check out our handy video here!

Purchase Fate of the Damned Voyage

You can purchase a Fate of the Damned voyage from Larinna. She can be found standing near the entrance of any tavern at any Outpost throughout the Sea of Thieves.

Speak to Larinna and browse her Black Market stock. You’ll find the the In Pursuit of Prowling, Devilish Shadows of Fate voyage for 0 gold. With voyage in had, head to your ship and prepare to set sail!

Purchase In Pursuit of Prowling, Devilish Shadows of Fate

Receive a Note when you Vote

Head to your ship and vote on the voyage at your ship’s voyage table. After voting for the voyage you will receive a note from Larinna in your Quest Radial.

If your Quest Radial is filled with other quests, don’t worry. Larinna’s note can be distinguished from your other quests by a Bilge Rat symbol.

Go to your Quest Radial and select the note. It will remind you that not even the Roar is safe from the Shadows of Fate. It also mentions to head to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and scour the old wreck for a clue to the last crew’s destination.

Read Larinna's Note

Scour the old wreck for a clue at Morrow’s Peak Outpost

For those familiar with Morrow’s Peak Outpost you will most likely remember the giant shipwreck there next to the tavern.

Sail on over to Morrow’s Peak Outpost located in the Devil’s Roar.

Once on the Outpost walk up to the tavern and head to the shipwreck just West of Grace. Inside this shipwreck is where the clue will be.

Wreck at Morrow's Peak Outpost

Where is the clue in the old wreck?

There are a couple different levels of the shipwreck. You’ll want to search each one for the clue.

The clue, which is a Bilge Rate Crew Map, can be found inside the Captain’s Quarters or on top of the Captain’s Quarters where the helm should be.

The clue will glint and twinkle from a distance just like treasure does. Once you find the rolled up map on the floor of the shipwreck, walk on over and pick it up.

Clue on wreck at Morrow's Peak Outpost

The First Bilge Rat Crew Map

Your first Bilge Rat Crew Map will be added to your Quest Radial. It will look very similar to an X Marks the Spot quest, but it will not have an X on it.

Instead of digging up chests or trinkets on this island, you will be exploring the island for a lost Bilge Rat crew member.

First Bilge Rat Crew Map

Which island is this?

Bilge Rat Crew maps will always lead to a relatively smaller island in the region.

This is very convenient considering you’ll really just be wandering around trying to find this crew member with no X on the map and no further clues.

While you can pan around your ship’s map table and look for this small island, it might be quicker to pull out your trusty interactive map and use the Island Finder. We have a short write-up on how to use the helpful feature here.

Finding the Bilge Rat Crew Member

As we mentioned, all Bilge Rat Crew Maps will lead to smaller islands in the region. This will make it easier as you scour the island looking for the Bilge Rat Crew member.

Unfortunately, you will not be looking for any living pirate. You are looking for the skeletal remains of a Bilge Rat.

During your many adventures in the Sea of Thieves you probably encountered dozens of skeletons laying about the islands. How will you know this is a Bilge Rat Crew member?

Near the deceased Bilge Rat, you’ll see a “Bilge Rat Crew Journal” and another “Bilge Rat Crew Map.”

If that isn’t enough to help you spot the right skeleton, there is also a lantern nearby. Not just any lantern mind you, one that holds a bright red Flame of Fate! For once hunting in the night might be easier as this bright light from the lantern will guide you to the skeleton.

If you are having trouble finding your lost Bilge Rat crew member, we have a quick tutorial on how to use your handy interactive map to find them easily here!

Red Lantern Bilge Rat

What do you do once you find the Crew Member?

The first thing you will want to do is pull out your own lantern and collect the Flame of Fate. Raise up your lantern near the Bilge Rat’s lantern and collect the flame. It is important you do this before you pick up that new Bilge Rat Crew Map.

Upon picking up the next Bilge Rat Crew Map, you will be ambushed by Shadows of Fate!

You do not need to kill these Shadows of Fate to progress the voyage. If you don’t feel like a fight you can just run away with your new Bilge Rat Crew Map.

However, killing these Shadows of Fate skeletons will reward you with a Skull of the Damned.

Killing these red Shadows of Fate will also help you complete A Fateful Encounter Goal for the Fate of the Roaring Skies Challenge. For more about the new Challenge released with this voyage, check out our guide here: Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned Week 3 Challenge Guide

Skull of the Damned

The Second Bilge Rat Crew Map

The second Bilge Rat Crew Map will be a similar experience to the first. It will direct you to a small island in The Devil’s Roar.

There will be no X showing you where you’ll find the Bilge Rat, but now that you’ve found one lost crew member, it will likely be easier to find the next one.

Run around the small island looking for a skeleton next to a lantern filled with a pink Flame of Fate. This skeleton will be the Bilge Rat you need to find.

Once again, there will also be a map nearby. However, this time it will be a “Ritual Location Map.” Light your lantern with the flame and then pick up the map.

Another batch of Shadows of Fate, this time pink, will attack. If you decide to take them on, you will receive another Skull of the Damned.

Ritual Location Map

Ritual Location Map

The Ritual Location Map will direct you to an island in The Devil’s Roar just as the previous Bilge Rat Crew Maps have.

Unlike those maps which only lead to small islands, the Ritual Location will always be on a large island.

There’s another difference between the Ritual Location Map and the Bilge Rat Crew Maps: the Ritual Location Map has an X.

This X marks a precise ritual location. Sail to the island, and make your way toward that X!

Ritual Location Map

Ghost of Graymarrow

It appears that skeletons are using these Ritual Locations to bring the Ghost of Graymarrow back from the Sea of the Damned to the land of the living!

If you’ve faced Graymarrow before, during the Revenge of the Morningstar or at the Fort of the Damned then you will know he is a foe you should take seriously.

Lucky for us this ritual has not brought Graymarrow back at his full strength. This Ghost of Graymarrow is weaker and thus far easier to kill!

You can expect the damage he deals to be less than usual and his knockback range has been reduced. The Shadows of Fate skeletons he summons are also far easier to kill. Most importantly, this Ghost of Graymarrow’s health is significantly diminished.

You will surely make quick work of this Ghost of Graymarrow. After you send him back to the Sea of the Damned you will see he leaves behind a Ritual Skull for the taking!

You can turn the Ritual Skull in to Larinna or The Reaper’s Hideout, or you can use it to activate the Fort of the Damned.

Ritual Location Graymarrow

Face of Fear

If this is your first time completing a Fate of the Damned voyage you will be rewarded with a fun new face paint!

Once you’ve completed one Fate of the Damned Voyage, you will receive the “Face of Fear” face paint in your Vanity Chest.

Face of Fear

Time for some ghost busting!

You should now be ready to set out on this voyage and thwart any attempts to bring back the Ghost of Graymarrow!

To view the rest of the Soulflame cosmetics available be sure to check out our Black Market article covering everything that Larinna is selling!

Soulflame Captain
Click the image to visit the guide!

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  1. Is there a way to get voyages 1 and 2 which I unfortunately missed? For me, the NPC only sells the current voyage, yet in your screenshot above I can see that she sells all three of them?

    1. During Week 4 all three voyages will be available again so you haven’t missed out on anything 🙂 Yeah, there is a glitch that sometimes allows you to see all three in the Black Market.

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