Sea of Thieves: Everything You Need to Know About Dogs

The wait is finally over dog lovers! Canines have hit the Sea of Thieves and are as cute as you could have hoped for!

If you’ve been waiting for dogs we know why. There’s no pet more loyal than a dog. Even after you’ve have hit your lowest low with your ship run aground and your pockets empty, you can count on your faithful, fluffy companion to be at your side.

So if you are a pirate who’d like an extra crew mate you can always count on, head to the Pirate Emporium and get yourself a new best friend!


Dogs have been honored with the same attentive treatment that all previous pets in the Pirate Emporium have received. Just with the other kinds of pets, you’ll find three different types of dogs to choose from, all with five different variations.

The Pirate Emporium is now selling the clever Alsatian, the playful Whippet and the fluffy Inu. Between the three different breeds and the five different variations, you are sure to find a dog that you’ll fall instantly in love with.


Alsatians are loyal, clever and barely get seasick at all. This is a dog that can handle almost any adventure you and your crew decide to take on.

The five different variants of Alsatian are: Stalwart, Saddleback, Russet, Domino and Snowy.


Whippets are the fastest of the three dogs available! If you are a pirate on the go, this quick and playful breed is perfect for you.

The five different variants of Whippet are: Streaked, Silverfoot, Redback, Fawn and Ashpaw.


For those pirates who like to have a good time and go at their own pace, an Inu might be the dog for you! These big, bouncy bundles of fun will fit right in with you and your crew around a tavern table. If they fall into the water on your next adventure though, you might need to wait a few days for them to dry out.

The five different variants of Inus are: Smoky, Mudraker, Cotton Boll, Coral and Chocolate.


You can expect to dress your cute new pup in all the currently available pet costumes such as the Kraken, Ghost, Bilge Rat, Sovereign and Pirate Legend!

Kraken Outfit

Ghost Outfit

Bilge Rat Outfit

Sovereign Outfit

Pirate Legend Outfit

Where do I buy a dog?

Dogs as with other pets can be purchased from any Pirate Emporium. The Pirate Emporium can be found in the main menu of the game before hitting the seas. You can also find a Pirate Emporium in-game at any Outpost above the Order of Souls structure.

Pet Chest

Where do you equip your dog?

Similar to the cat, parrots and monkeys, you can equip your purchased dog at any Pet Chest. Pet Chests can be found on your ship near the other cosmetic chests. They can also be found right out front of the Pirate Emporium on any Outpost.

Pet Chest

What else can I do with my dog?

You can pick up your dog and pet them, put them in a cannon and fire them into the sky and even dance with them. Almost everything you can do with your cat, monkey and parrot you can do with your dog. We have written an in-depth look at all the different things you can do with your pets over here!


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