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12 Deeds of Giving Event Guide

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The season of giving has reached the Sea of Thieves! You will now find the taverns dressed in jolly decorations, gifts buried across the beaches, and a lucrative Gilded Voyage to partake in!

Larinna has also arranged a special holiday challenge, the 12 Deeds of Giving! This challenge, created in honor of the Festival of Giving, is comprised of 12 different festive goals.

Completing a goal from this challenge will reward you with one of the new gleaming Eastern Winds Jade cosmetics!

Complete all 12 goals from the 12 Deeds of Giving challenge and you will collect all 12 available Eastern Winds Jade cosmetics. You will also be awarded the “Master of Festivities” Title!

Each goal will unlock one by one from December 9th to December 21st. Every goal will then remain active all the way until January 20th when the challenge ends.

The goals do not need to be done in one sitting either. You can add progress to each over several sailing sessions! As long as you meet the requirements before January 20th, you will unlock the corresponding cosmetic.

This guide will walk you through each goal and how to complete it. You can always check your progress in the Event tab in-game to see how close you are to unlocking your next Eastern Winds Jade cosmetic!

You can also follow along using our 12 Deeds of Giving Guides playlist. This playlist contains a video walking you through how to complete each available goal!

Twelve Chickens Drumming…

You or your crew must deliver 12 cooked chickens to The Hunter’s Call.

This goal will have you collecting twelve pieces of cooked chicken meat and selling them to The Hunter’s Call. Anyone in your crew can sell the pieces of chicken meat for you to receive credit for the goal.

Make sure the chicken meat you turn in is cooked and not burnt. Burnt chicken meat will not add progress to this goal. You cannot sell raw chicken meat to The Hunter’s Call so you’ll only have to worry about turning in cooked and burnt pieces of chicken meat.

Where can you find chicken meat in the Sea of Thieves?

Lucky for us, finding chicken meat in the Sea of Thieves isn’t very hard! You can find chicken meat on islands with wild chickens or while collecting resources from various locations.

Islands with wild Chickens

Certain islands in the Sea of Thieves are home to wild Chickens. Killing these wild Chickens with your wielded weapon of choice will reward you with raw pieces of chicken meat.

Careful though! If you kill a Chicken with a Firebomb, the piece of chicken meat it drops has a chance of being cooked or burnt. We don’t want those burnt pieces as they will not help us with the goal.

Alternatively, killing Chickens with Blunderbombs will result in raw chicken meat. If you want to leave the island with pieces of chicken meat that will count towards this goal, you’ll want to use your wielded weapons or Blunderbombs.

Which islands have wild Chickens on them?

You can use our handy interactive map here to easily locate every island that has a chance of Chickens living on them. It is important to know that large islands have a higher chance of spawning wild Chickens than small islands do.

If you don’t mind sailing to the closest large island, you can almost always find wild Chickens on Smuggler’s Bay, Sailor’s Bounty, Cannon Cove, Wanderer’s Refuge, and Mermaid’s Hideaway in The Shores of Plenty.

Adventuring in The Ancient Isles? In that case, you can almost always find wild Chickens on Discovery Ridge, Plunder Valley, Shark Bait Cove, Thieves’ Haven, and Crook’s Hollow.

For those looking for wild Chickens in The Wilds, you’ll want to sail to The Crooked Masts, Shipwreck Bay, Old Faithful Isle, or Marauder’s Arch.

Once you are on the island, run around it until you find a flock of wild Chickens to collect from.

Barrels of Plenty, Resource Barrels in Shipwrecks, Rowboat Chests and Storage Crates

Pieces of chicken meat can also be found in Barrels of Plenty, resource barrels inside of Shipwrecks, Rowboat Chests, and even washed up Storage Crates.

The chicken meat found in these locations can be raw, cooked, or burnt. While the most efficient way to get chicken meat is by sailing to a large island with wild Chickens, it is nice to know you can randomly find pieces of chicken meat along the way.

Cooking your chicken meat

Once you have your 12 pieces of chicken meat, you’ll want to make sure all are properly cooked. You can quickly cook them up on the stove in your ship!

Select the piece of raw chicken meat from your resources and place it on the stove. Leave it there cooking until all parts of the chicken meat, including the top, are brown.

It should take roughly 60 seconds to cook a raw piece of chicken meat. After 60 seconds, pick up the piece of chicken meat from the stove before it burns and place your next piece on if you have one.

Once you have your pieces of cooked chicken meat, you’ll want to sail over to the closest Seapost. The Hunter’s Call has a representative at each Seapost that you can sell your chicken meat to.

Each piece of cooked chicken meat you sell to The Hunter’s Call will count toward this goal. Once you have turned in all 12 pieces of chicken meat you’ll unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Drum!

Twelve Chickens Drumming

Eleven Cannons Cursing…

Strike other ships with a total of 11 Cursed Cannonballs while flying the Reaper’s Mark flag.

Hitting either a Skeleton Ship or an enemy player-controlled ship with a Cursed Cannonballs while your Reaper’s Mark flag is equipped with count towards this goal.

It doesn’t matter who in your crew is the one to fire the Cursed Cannonballs. As long as anyone in your crew connects their shot, you will get credit for this goal.

Where can you find Cursed Cannonballs?

You can find Cursed Cannonballs in any resource barrel across the Sea of Thieves. They can also be found in Barrels of Plenty, Rowboat Chests and washed up Storage Crates.

You can easily find a few as soon as you start your Sea of Thieves session at the Outpost you wake up on. Walk around the Outpost gathering supplies and you’ll most likely come across some green or purple Cursed Cannonballs.

If you need to find some more to gather 11 total, we recommend hitting up a shipwreck. They are stocked with supplies and you are sure to find several in the dozens of resource barrels inside.

How to raise your Reaper’s Mark flag?

The Reaper’s Mark flag is different than the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag. You don’t interact with the Emissary Table at all to raise this flag.

Instead, climb up to your crow’s nest and find the Ship Flag Box. Open it up and you’ll find the Reaper’s Mark flag. Equip it and you will have raised the flag. Though beware! You are now visible on the map table for any other ship sailing the seas.

Reaper's Mark Flag in Sea of Thieves

Now that you have your Cursed Cannonballs and have your Reaper’s Mark flag raised, you are ready to hunt down some ships. As we mentioned, using your Cursed Cannonballs on either a Skeleton Ship or enemy player-controlled ship will count towards this goal.

You can also use multiple Cursed Cannonballs on the same ship and each will count. If you want to use all 11 Cursed Cannonballs on one ship you can knock out the goal with one battle!

If you are having trouble finding another ship to use your Cursed Cannonballs on, be on the lookout for the Skeleton Ship Cloud in the sky. This will lead you to a World Event where you battle a handful of Skeleton Ships who are just waiting to be cursed!

Once you have used your 11th Cursed Cannonball on a ship you’ll then unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Speaking Trumpet!

Eleven Cannons Cursing

Ten Legends Searching…

Find and interact with 10 of Umbra’s Immortalizations across the Sea of Thieves.

There are a total of 50 player immortalizations spread across all regions in the Sea of Thieves. You can interact with any 10 of them for this goal.

You can easily find at least a couple at the Outpost you first wake up in the Sea of Thieves. There are 10 to find just on Sanctuary and Golden Sands Outpost!

As for hunting down the rest, you’ll want to sail in The Shores of Plenty. Sailing in this region as you hunt for Player Immortalizations is the most efficient way to find them as it has the most of any region.

For locations of all 50, you can check out our All Legends of the Sea Locations guide here which will show you the exact location of each Player Immortalization.

Once you have found and interacted with 10 different Player Immortalizations you’ll unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Spyglass!

Ten Legends Searching

Nine Skellies Slaying…

You or your crew must defeat 9 Skeleton Captains during Bounty Voyages issued by the Order of Souls.

This goal requires you or your crew to find and defeat nine Bounty Quest Skeleton Captains. It doesn’t matter which person in your crew deals the final blow. As long as someone in your crew kills the Skeleton Captain, you will get credit for the goal.

Fortunately, Bounty Quest Skeleton Captains are not too hard to find!

Bounty Quest Captains

Bounty Quest Captains can be found during Order of Souls voyages. These Skeleton Captains are the easiest to find as they are guaranteed to spawn as part of the voyage.

Go to the Order of Souls and purchase one of the Bounty voyages. Vote on it and you’ll receive multiple quests to hunt down Bounty Quest Skeleton Captains in your Quest Radial.

You can look at each quest to see which one has the most Skeleton Captains per island so you can get the biggest bang for your buck! A maximum of four can spawn for one quest in your voyage.

Athena’s Fortune Voyages

During an Athena’s Fortune Voyage you will come across eight Bounty Quest Skeleton Captains. Killing these eight Skeleton Captains to complete the voyage will also count towards this goal.

Messages in a Bottle and Tattered Parchments

During your time at sea you might come across a Message in a Bottle or Tattered Parchment. Collecting either of these in your inventory has the chance of giving you a Bounty Quest to hunt down one to four Skelton Captains.

Killing the Bounty Quest Skeleton Captains that result from either of a Message in a Bottle or Tattered Parchment will count towards this goal.

Upon slaying your ninth Skeleton Captain you’ll unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Hurdy-Gurdy!

Nine Skellies Slaying

Eight Quests Embarking…

Successfully complete 8 Voyages of any kind.

Completing any voyage will count towards this goal. The “any kind” is important to note.

If you are looking to complete this goal quickly and have doubloons to spare, you could complete an Ashen Chest Stash Voyage 8 times and complete the goal. This goes for the Ashen Key Stash Voyage and Skull Stash Voyage as well.

If you’d rather save you doubloons, you could also complete the Trading Company voyages to complete this goal.

We suggest a single chapter Order of Souls voyage that has a small number of quests. A short Merchant Alliance Trade Good voyage with only a couple of animals will also work nicely!

You can purchase, vote and cancel the voyage until you get a single chapter or a short Merchant Alliance Voyage.

You could also try a short Gold Hoarder voyage but if you have a hard time locating the Xs or solving riddles, the Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance might be your best bet.

If you want some sweet loot, you could also complete Larinna’s Black Powder Stash voyages. These are a short two chapter voyage that ultimately lead you to a Chest of Rage and Ashen Winds Skull!

As long as you see the Voyage Complete screen after which ever voyage you do, you’ll get credit for this goal.

You will unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Compass as soon as you complete your 8th voyage.

Eight Quests Embarking

Seven Outposts Outing…

Set foot on all the Outposts across the Sea of Thieves. (Feel free to stop for a grog.)

This goal will probably be the easiest for many of you pirates! There are a total of seven Outposts in the Sea of Thieves.

You can easily find the seven Outposts on your Map Table as each Outpost on the Map Table will have the word “Outpost” in its title.

Simply sail to each one and step off your boat onto the Outpost. You also get a free visit each time you wake up in a tavern. If you haven’t visited the tavern you wake up in since the goal started, you will get credit for visiting the Outpost the tavern is on!

Once you have visited all seven you will unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Tankard.

Seven Outposts Outing

Six Ships A-Sinking…

You or your crew must successfully sink 6 enemy ships.

You better have a well-stocked ship if you are looking to take down an enemy ship. To complete this goal, you will need to sink 6 ships for this goal. Player-controlled ships or Skeleton Ships will count for this one.

Since you and your crew are looking for a fight, it wouldn’t hurt to throw up your Reaper’s Mark flag or represent the Reaper’s Bones with an Emissary flag. This will let every other ship on the sea know where you are and that you are down for a fight!

You don’t need to sink all six in one session. If you get one ship sunk here and another sunk another night, you’ll have plenty of time before January 20th to complete this goal.

If you fancy Arena, you can also work on this goal in that mode. Sinking ships in Arena will also count!

After you have sent the sixth ship to the depths of the ocean, you’ll unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Bucket!

Six Ships A-Sinking

Five Stolen Thiiings!

Hand in 5 chests that have been taken from another crew.

You will need to sell 5 stolen chests to the Gold Hoarders to complete this goal. Selling your stolen chests to The Reaper’s Bones will not count for this goal.

For a piece of treasure to be considered stolen, it must have been touched by an enemy crew first. If you find the treasure aboard an enemy player-controlled ship, it’s safe to say you will be stealing the loot.

Chests traded between Alliances will also count. Just make sure the other crew in the Alliance picked up the chests first before letting you sell them.

Not all chests will give you progress towards this goal. You’ll want to steal sealed chests such as Gold Hoarder chests, Skeleton Captain Chests and Stronghold Chests.

Container Chests such as Treasure Chests, Tall Tale Chests, and Ashen Chests will not count towards this goal.

We found that the Chest of a Thousands Grogs and the Chest of Sorrow counted for this goal, but the Chest of Rage did not.

Once you have sold five stolen chests you will receive the Eastern Winds Jade Concertina!

Five Stolen Thiiings

Four Hauling Booms…

Successfully hand in 4 Gunpowder Barrels of any kind to the Merchant Alliance.

You’ll want to sail to an inactive Skeleton Fort to complete this goal. Skeleton Forts are filled with Gunpowder Barrels just waiting to be taken.

Simply sail to any inactive Skeleton Fort and gather four Gunpowder Barrels on your ship. Quickly sail to the closest Outpost and sell the Gunpowder Barrels to the Merchant Alliance representative.

While you are never safe with Gunpowder Barrels aboard your ship, we like to store ours in the crow’s nest of our ship. That way if they explode for some reason, they don’t put any holes in the ship.

Sell your fourth and final Gunpowder Barrel and earn the Eastern Winds Jade Shovel!

Four Hauling Booms

Three Fresh Hens…

Catch and successfully hand in 3 (living) chickens to the Merchant Alliance.

Time to hunt down some wild Chickens! Before you do though, you’ll need to collect three Chicken Coops.

Chicken Coops can be found randomly on islands or collected from the Merchant Alliance. The easiest way to get them is from the Merchant Alliance.

Simply purchase a Trade Good voyage from the Merchant Alliance and vote on the voyage. If the voyage requires you to collect chickens, go back to the Merchant Alliance representative, and collect the Chicken Coops she will be giving out.

If the voyage doesn’t have any chickens, cancel it, purchase a new one, and vote until you have collected three Chicken Coops.

Head to any island with wild Chickens and scour the island for a flock of them. You can always use our handy interactive map here to easily locate every island that has a chance of Chickens living on them.

Remember that large islands have a much larger chance of spawning chickens than small islands do.

Once you have found your three chickens and caught them, it’s time to head back to an Outpost.

Turn in the three Chickens to the Merchant Alliance and receive the Eastern Winds Jade Watch!

Three Fresh Hens

Two Total Dives…

Find and hand in 2 Shipwrecked Chests to the Gold Hoarders.

Shipwrecked Chests can be found in any Shipwreck across the Sea of Thieves. They are not guaranteed to be inside a Shipwreck, but if you are going to find one, you’ll find it there.

You’ll know you’ve come across a Shipwrecked Chest because it will be covered in barnacles. These chests might look like a normal chest at first glance, but upon further inspection you’ll see the difference.

There are four types of Shipwrecked Chests. Any of the following when sold to the Gold Hoarders will count towards the goal:

  • A Shipwrecked Castaway’s Chest
  • Shipwrecked Seafarer’s Chest
  • Shipwrecked Marauder’s Chest
  • and a Shipwrecked Captain’s Chest

If you can’t find a shipwreck, you can always try sinking a Skeleton Ship! Skeleton Ships will also give you a chance at a Shipwrecked Chest as their loot has the possibility of containing one.

Turning in two shipwrecked chests will reward you with the Eastern Winds Jade Lantern!

Two Total Dives

And a Monster…

…that rose from the sea! You or your crew must defeat either a Megalodon or a Kraken.

Defeating either a Megalodon or a Kraken will complete this goal. You’ll just need to find one of these mighty beasts as you sail the Sea of Thieves!

Where can you find a Megalodon or a Kraken?

Both of these monsters will randomly spawn when you and your crew are sailing in open waters. They cannot be summoned on-demand in any way.

To better your chances of finding one of them, make sure your ship is sailing in open water. If you are close to an island or large rocks, it’s unlikely either monster will spawn.

Since both monsters are so huge, they need a lot of space to roam.

It is also important to note that the Kraken is part of the World Event rotation. If you see a Skeleton Fort cloud, Skeleton Ship Battle cloud, Flameheart cloud, or Ashen Winds Tornado cloud in the sky, you will not find a Kraken as you sail the open waters.

Once you find either of the beasts, you’ll need to successfully take them down!

How to defeat a Megalodon

You’ll want plenty of cannonballs and planks when taking on a Megalodon. Megalodons will circle the ship they are attacking and randomly bite it.

Megalodons are vulnerable to both cannonballs and pirate weapons. Cannonballs are most effective against the giant shark so you’ll want your best shot on your ship’s cannons firing away. If you run out of cannonballs, we recommend using the Eye of Reach against the Megalodon.

Once you have inflicted enough damage, the Megalodon will rear its head in the sky and slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean. In its absence will be a nice haul of loot!

How to defeat a Kraken

You’ll know you have found a Kraken when the water around your ship turns inky black. Tentacles will pop out of the water and attack your ship!

You can defeat the Kraken by taking out each of its tentacles. This involves shooting each tentacle with several cannonballs until the tentacle flails back into the water. You’ll know you have taken one of the tentacles out by the musical cue that plays when you defeat one.

Once you take out enough of its tentacles it will retreat and set your boat free from its inky trap!

As soon as you defeat either of these monsters you will receive the Eastern Winds Jade Banjo and complete the goal!

All Deeds Defeating!

Complete all of the Goals in the 12 Deeds of Giving Challenge.

Once you have completed all 12 goals from the 12 Deeds of Giving Challenge you will unlock the “Master of Festivities” Title!

Congrats on completing this event and walking away with some nice looking cosmetics!

To the Tavern!

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Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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