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In Store on the Shores! January 2021

Season One rings in the New Year with brand new adventures to experience and shiny new customizations to purchase in the Pirate Emporium!

While you will find a couple of new Cursed Pets and two new Emote bundles, this month’s update focuses on the Lunar Festival! The new Weapon Cosmetics, Ship Cosmetics, and costumes for the month pay tribute to the Year of the Ox.


The Merchant Alliance might be getting all the attention this month with their new voyage, but a couple of new Cursed Pets are throwing some love to the Order of Souls.

Order of Souls Possessed Pets

The Order of Souls have stitched together and resurrected these dreadful Cat and Monkey pets. While their stitches may still be healing, they are ready to hit the seas!

You can purchase both the Order of Souls Possessed Cat and Order of Souls Possessed Monkey for 649 Ancient Coin each.


This month, you will find the Pirate section of the Pirate Emporium filled with new Emotes, Weapon cosmetics, and a brand new costume!

Vigilant Weapon Pose Emotes

Do you have a Weapon Cosmetic you are crazy about but have no way of showing it off? If that is the case, you’ll want to get the Vigilant Weapon Pose Emotes bundle. These emotes will flaunt your treasured weapons for all those jealous pirates to see!

For 249 Ancient Coin, you can purchase the bundle, which comes with two different poses.

Vigilant Weapon Pose

Heroic Pose Emotes

There’s no better time to strike a heroic pose than after defeating a mighty Ashen Lord or putting Graymarrow in his place. You’ll want this emote bundle to take advantage of any heroic moment you are bound to pull off.

For 499 Ancient Coin, you can purchase the bundle, including the Hero Landing, Double Points, Smoulder, and Stand Proud emote.

Heroic Emote Bundle

Lunar Festival Weapons

It’s time to celebrate the Lunar Festival, and there is no better way to make some noise than with the new Lunar Festival Weapons. Equip these beautiful cosmetics and fire away into the night sky in celebration of the New Year!

You can purchase the Lunar Festival Weapon Bundle for 499 Ancient Coin, which includes the Lunar Festival Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach, and Pistol.

Lunar Festival Costume

If you want your festive spirit to be visible at all times, you’ll want to wear the new Lunar Festival Costume.

The bundle comes with two different variations, one with a hat and one without a hat. Both will have your pirate looking rather regal.

Along with two costume variants, each costume once equipped can perform the unique emote: Kneel & Bow!

Lunar Festival Costume

Free Plead Emote

There are many times in a pirate’s life when they need to beg. For instance, you might have a crew who loves to play Gunpowder Barrels on your ship. Using the Plead Emote with them might make your crew think twice about lighting that fuse. You don’t want to go without this one!


Plunder Pass

The Plunder Pass is the perfect complement to the new Season progression system for pirates looking to reach high Renown levels. With the Plunder Pass, you will have the opportunity to earn extra cosmetics while you progress your Renown Levels through Season One.

While Season One already offers free cosmetics you can earn, the Plunder Pass will allow you to acquire extra cosmetics already seen in the Pirate Emporium. If you haven’t purchased every cosmetic in the Pirate Emporium already, this might be an excellent way for you to get them now.

There are also brand new cosmetics that will only be available to the Pirate Emporium after Season One has ended.


Each month one of the biggest additions to the Pirate Emporium is the new Ship Cosmetic set. This month is no different! The mighty Ox is showcased beautifully this month in the Lunar Festival Ship bundle.

Lunar Festival Ship bundle

Sail into the Lunar Festival and the year beyond with your ship looking the part. The Lunar Festival Ship cosmetics feature rich red and gold colors, while the Collector’s Figurehead and Sails feature the mighty Ox.

You can purchase the entire bundle, including the Lunar Festival Figurehead, Sails, Wheel, Capstan, Cannon, Cannon Flare, Hull, and Flag.

Again, as with previous months, you can purchase the Collector’s Ship Cosmetics separately. You can buy the Collector’s Lunar Festival Figurehead and Sails for 799 Ancient Coin each.

Additionally, the Lunar Festival Essential bundle is also on offer, including all the regular ship cosmetics at a discount.

The Pirate Emporium is starting the year off strong. We can’t decide what we are more excited to equip to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Between the new costume and Ship Set, there is sure to be something for every pirate looking to get in on the festivities. Let us know in the comments below which of the new Pirate Emporium customizations you fancy most!

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