In Store on the Shores! Dec. 9th – Jan. 20th 2020

The Festival of Giving update has brought some of the most exciting cosmetics to the Pirate Emporium yet! There is sure to be something for any pirate looking to celebrate the holiday season, from the festive Frozen Horizon cosmetics to the icy Glacial Curse pet collection!


The holiday season usually welcomes a new cursed pet into the Pirate Emporium. This holiday season is no different. The Festival of Giving offers up a few icy pets for us to try and warm up to!

Glacial Curse Pets Collection

You might need to change into some warm clothes before you can snuggle up to these frosty fellas! The Glacial Curse Pets Collection offers the Glacial Inu and Glacial Ragamuffin for purchase. Each frigid pet costs 649 Ancient Coin.


The Pirate Emporium this month is offering some brand new cosmetics while bringing back some festive classics. Though, don’t take too long perusing the stock before choosing something you like. That Bonechiller might start to get angry at you for staring!

Bonechiller Costume

The mysterious Bonechiller only appears to haunt those who lack the festive spirit. They also come out when your pirate adorns their costume!

The Bonechiller Costume Bundle comes with two different costumes. One bearded and the other not. You can purchase the bundle for 999 Ancient Coin.

Frozen Horizon Weapon Bundle

When you shout “Freeze!” while sticking up an enemy crew, you won’t be joking around holding a Frozen Horizon Cutlass.

You can purchase the Frozen Horizon Weapon Bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or purchase each icy weapon separately for 249 Ancient Coin.

Frozen Horizon Freebie Tankard

The Pirate Emporium is offering a seasonal cosmetic on the house for those who log in to celebrate! Simply jump into the Sea of Thieves during the Festival of Giving and visit the Pirate Emporium to collect your tankard.

You can now enjoy your grog in a chilled frosty tankard the next time you raise a glass!

Frozen Horizon Tankard


While the Soulflame Ship collection perfectly captured the mood set by the Festival of the Damned, the Frozen Horizon Ship Collection equally captures the essence of the Festival of Giving.

Frozen Horizon Ship Collection

A chilly ship set awaits you in the Pirate Emporium. You’ll want to put on a thick pair of boots while you run around the deck of this ship.

The Frozen Horizon Ship Collection includes the Frozen Horizon Figurehead, Sails, Hull, Wheel, Flag, Capstan, Cannon, and Cannon Flare.

You can purchase them separately or as part of the bundle.

If you want to complete the set, you’ll want to also purchase the Collector’s Frozen Horizon Figurehead and Sails for 799 Ancient Coin each.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Bonechiller costume ourselves. Is it wrong to continue playing tricks into the New Year?

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