Duke's Black Market Offerings

What is Duke Selling? Oct. 16th – Nov. 20th 2019

It’s the second month of Duke’s Black Market being open and he keeps the momentum going with the latest additions to the store.

If this will be your first time visiting the Black Market, we wrote an article for it’s grand opening detailing what Duke’s venture is all about here.

For a quick recap of Duke’s selection, it is divided into two categories, shown in two tabs above his stock: Desirables for Doubloons, and Goodies for Gold.

Cosmetics found in the Desirables for Doubloons tab come from the following three categories: (1) variants of previously time-limited or exclusive sets; (2) brand new additions to existing sets, and (3) brand new sets.

The Goodies for Gold tab will offer variants of cosmetics that can currently be bought in your local Outpost shops.

These variations on old classics pay homage to the beloved features of the original cosmetic, while offering a new twist for us to enjoy.

Now that you know what to expect at Duke’s during the Fort of the Damned update, it’s time to go window shopping!

Desirables for Doubloons

Introducing the Wild Rose Clothing cosmetic set! For those not familiar with Wild Rose, her story was introduced to the Sea of Thieves in the fifth Tall Tale of Shores of Gold. Completing the Tall Tale to its fullest would grant you a compass and ship wheel Wild Rose cosmetic. So it is a welcome surprise to get some clothing options for this theme!

The Wild Rose cosmetic set Duke is selling includes the Wild Rose Jacket, Wild Rose Dress and Wild Rose Hat. Each of these items can be purchased with doubloons.

Moving away from lore, Duke comes out with another big swing and a hit with a fresh take on one of the most popular cosmetics in the Sea of Thieves, the Wailing Barnacle Clothing cosmetic set.

Pirates can now finally complete the Wailing Barnacle cosmetics by visiting the Black Market and purchasing the Eyepatch of the Wailing Barnacle, the Hook of the Wailing Barnacle, the Pegleg of the Wailing Barnacle, the Gloves of the Wailing Barnacle, the Belt of the Wailing Barnacle, the Trousers of the Wailing Barnacle and the Boots of the Wailing Barnacle.

Again, these long sought after cosmetics can be purchased with doubloons.

Hopefully you still have some doubloons left! Duke is filling out the Fearless Bone Crusher cosmetics a bit more with the Fearless Bone Crusher Weapons cosmetics! For doubloons, you can acquire the Fearless Bone Crusher Blunderbuss, the Fearless Bone Crusher Pistol, the Fearless Bone Crusher Eye of Reach and the Fearless Bone Crusher Cutlass.

Goodies for Gold

Do you feel like you don’t have enough red in your Sea of Thieves wardrobe? Well now you can balance out your clothes by purchasing the Executive Admiral Clothing cosmetic set. This is a twist on the current Execute Admiral Clothing Set you can currently purchase in any old Clothing Shop. Why get something everyone has when you get go exclusive?

For gold, the Redcoat Executive Admiral Clothing cosmetic set can be purchased and includes a Belt, Boots, Dress, Eyepatch, Gloves, Hat, Hook, Jacket, Pegleg, Shirt and Trousers.

And last but certainly not least, Duke is giving us the chance to purchase more Deep Ocean Crawler cosmetics.

You can add to your current collection by purchasing the Deep Ocean Crawler Bucket, Deep Ocean Crawler Compass, Deep Ocean Fishing Rod, Deep Ocean Crawler Lantern, Deep Ocean Crawler Pocket Watch, Deep Ocean Crawler Shovel, Deep Ocean Crawler Speaking Trumpet, Deep Ocean Crawler Spyglass and Deep Ocean Crawler Tankard.

And there you have it! It is quite a month for Duke’s Black Market. He should definitely feel proud of his stock this month. If you spot anything that catches your eye, be sure to purchase it before the next update roles around. While the Sea of Thieves team mentioned that items might come back, there is no telling when!

Also new to the Sea of Thieves this month is the formidable Fort of the Damned! We have a handy guide to help you conquer it and reap its rewards! Some of the best loot the game has to offer is waiting in its vault.

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