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There’s trouble afoot! Someone has been ransacking the Gold Hoarder’s Treasure Vaults! While the idea of such valuable treasure being stolen is concerning all on its own, there is something even more troubling about these recent thefts.

Whoever is breaking into the Treasure Vaults seems to be particularly interested in the Chest of Ancient Tributes hidden inside. Why exactly? We don’t know, but the thief’s motives for these raids appear to be about more than just gold.

The Gold Hoarders are understandably upset and have turned to Larinna for help. They hope that Larinna can seek out and recruit worthy pirates up to the challenge of recovering their gold!

If this sounds like you and your crew, be prepared to take on Wayfinder Voyages, open Treasure Vaults, and bring as much high-valued treasure found inside them back to the Gold Hoarders. Doing so will earn you and your crew a considerable amount of Favour with the Gold Hoarders. This Favour can be cashed in for brand new Gold Hoarder rewards!

What is the Vault Raiders Event?

The Gold Hoarders will be awarding Favour each time you complete an action that helps their recovery mission. Think of earning Favour as being awarded points. Once you have met certain point thresholds, the Gold Hoarders will reward you with their freshly minted Gold Hoarder Weapons Cosmetics.

For this event, the Gold Hoarders have curated a list of Challenges, which show pirates how much Favour they’ll be awarded for various accomplishments. These Challenges include selling specific Gold Hoarder treasure, completing Gold Hoarder voyages, and raiding Treasure Vaults!

Although you’ll obviously need to complete challenges to earn Favour, there is no requirement that you complete all of the Challenges, or even that you complete any particular challenge. Even better, the challenges are repeatable. So, you can choose to complete whichever challenges you prefer, as many times as you like, to rack up that Favour.

If you would like to complete Gold Hoarder voyages over and over until you’ve maxed out your points, you certainly can. However, there are certainly far more efficient means. You’ll see why as we go over each Challenge for this event.

How long is the Vault Raiders Event?

The Vault Raiders Event starts on March 25th and lasts until April 15th. Every Challenge will be available during the entire event.

What are the Vault Raider rewards?

The Gold Hoarders is incentivizing pirates in lending a helping hand by offering a batch of brand new Gold Hoarder cosmetics! The more Favour you earn, the more cosmetics you will unlock!

The cosmetics available to those who earn enough Favour are the Gold Hoarders Cutlass, Blunderbuss, Flintlock, and Eye of Reach. You will also unlock the “Invader of Glittering Vaults” Title after unlocking all four weapon cosmetics.

Will the rewards be available after the Event?

Like previous events, these cosmetics will return to the Outpost Stores after the event is over. However, before you can unlock and purchase them, they will require new challenges to complete.

How to unlock the Gold Hoarder Weapon Cosmetics

To unlock the prized Gold Hoarder Weapon Cosmetics you will need to collect Favour by completing repeatable challenges. The challenges that give Favour can be completed as often as you like to increase your total amount of Favour and reach the targets required for each cosmetic.

You can track your progress in-game in the Special Events menu. There you will see how much Favour you have collected.

Earning your first 50 Favour will unlock the Gold Hoarders Cutlass.

Earning 100 Favour will unlock the Gold Hoarders Pistol.

If you can earn 150 Favour, you will earn the Gold Hoarders Eye-of-Reach.

Once you have earned 200 Favour, you will unlock the Gold Hoaders Blunderbuss.

Finally, for all you title collectors out there, if you manage to tally up 250 Favour, you will earn the “Invader of Glittering Vaults” Title.

What are the Vault Raider Challenges?

The challenges that award Favour range from completing Gold Hoarder voyages to solving the Treasure Vault puzzle and delivering the Chest of Ancient Tributes!

All but one of the Challenges is crew-based so you and your crew can expect to earn Gold Hoarder Favour together as you complete each of the Challenges.

Earn 5 Favour by…

Sailing 10 nautical miles while on a Gold Hoarders Voyage.

To work on this Challenge, you’ll want to first successfully vote on and start any Gold Hoarder voyage using your ship’s voyage table. Once the voyage is active, you will want to sail the sea. You will earn 5 Favour for every 10 nautical miles you sail with an active Gold Hoarder voyage.

You must be on your ship to earn nautical miles. If you are off your ship while your ship sails around, you will not get credit for the nautical miles sailed and have no chance at earning Favour for this Challenge. This is the only Challenge that is not crew-based. While you are off the ship, your crew will continue to earn their Favour while you will not.

You don’t have to be working towards the active voyage to earn credit for this Challenge. If you hunt down ships or take on World Events, you can leave an active Gold Hoarder voyage and earn Favour while you sail around doing other activities.

Golden Wayfinder Compass

Earn 5 Favour by…

Selling a Captain’s Chest to the Gold Hoarders.

Selling a Captain’s Chest will earn you 5 Favour. You have a chance of finding Captain’s Chests during high-level Gold Hoarder Voyages, randomly washed up on beaches, inside sunken Shipwrecks, amongst Barrels of Plenty, inside Skeleton Fort vaults, and in loot from defeated Krakens or Megalodons.

The guaranteed ways of finding a Captain’s Chest are by raiding a Gold Treasure Vault, obtaining and completing a Gold Hoarder Emissary Voyage, and during a Gilded Gold Hoarder Voyage.

Once you have your Captain’s Chest, sell it to the Gold Hoarders to receive Favour. Be sure to sell it to the Gold Hoarders and not The Reapers’ Bones! The Gold Hoarders will not reward you with Favour for selling chests to The Reaper’s Bones.

Anyone in your crew can sell the chest for you to earn Favour.

Earn 10 Favour by…

Completing a Gold Hoarders Voyage.

Completing either of the two Gold Hoarder voyages will earn you 10 Favour. You can complete a Treasure Map Voyage consisting of X Marks the Spot and Riddle quests or a Wayfinder Voyage. The Wayfinder Voyage will have you locating Torn Map Parchments that lead to a Treasure Vault Key.

Of the two voyages, we suggest taking on the Wayfinder Voyages. This is because completing one will result in a Treasure Vault Key. A majority of the other Challenges for this event involve Treasure Vaults. Obtaining a Treasure Vault Key is very important to earning even more Favour.

If you and your crew decide to partake on the Treasure Map voyage, be sure to get a single chapter voyage. This way you will complete the voyage quickly to earn Favour faster.

Golden Wayfinder

Earn 10 Favour by…

Selling a Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders.

Selling a Stronghold Chest will earn your 10 Favour. You have a chance of finding Stronghold Chests from the loot awarded from a defeated Skeleton Ship, Kraken, and Megalodon.

You are guaranteed to find a Stronghold Chest inside a Skeleton Fort Vault and a Fort of the Damned Vault.

Sell the Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders, not The Reaper’s Bones, to increase your Favour with the Gold Hoarders.

Anyone in your crew can sell the Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders to receive Favour for this Challenge.

Stronghold Chest

Earn 10 Favour by…

Collecting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault.

Gold Piles are littered across the floor and platforms inside every Treasure Vault. You must hold down your Interact button over the Gold Pile to collect it. The gold will immediately go into your gold pouch, so there is no need to worry about carrying it out of the Treasure Vault.

To complete this Challenge, you and your crew will have to pick up every Gold Pile in the Treasure Vault before you can no longer access the Treasure Vault. This means that you can still collect Gold Piles even after the Treasure Vault Door has shut and the room fills with water. With your last gasping breaths, it is worth your time to grab any remaining Gold Piles just in case you can get the job done before you leave for the Ferry of the Damned!

We don’t recommend focusing on this Challenge unless you have a crew consisting of several people or open a Stone Treasure Vault. Trying to collect every Gold Pile in a Gold Treasure Vault would be a hard task to complete. Your time might be better spent working on the Treasure Vault Puzzle and securing any Captain’s Chests inside.

This Challenge is also crew-based. As soon as anyone in the crew picks up the last Gold Pile, everyone will receive Favour.

Pick up Gold

Earn 10 Favour by…

Opening a Treasure Vault.

To open a Treasure Vault you must first acquire a Treasure Vault Key. Vault Keys can be found at the end of Wayfinder Voyages sold by the Gold Hoarders. You can only purchase these voyages from the Gold Hoarders if you have a reputation of 25 or higher with their Trading Company. If you don’t have a high enough reputation level, you are in luck! For the duration of the Vault Raiders Event, Larinna will be selling a Wayfinder Voyage to any pirate looking to take on the challenge.

If the Golden Wayfinder compass has you stumped, you can always learn more about it and the Wayfinder Voyage from our Golden Wayfinder Voyage guide here!

Opening a Treasure Vault is also a crew-based Challenge. It doesn’t matter who in your crew places the Vault Key in the lock, the entire crew will earn Favour.

Golden Wayfinder

Earn 25 Favour by…

Selling a Chest of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarders.

You can find the Chest of Ancient Tributes inside a Treasure Vault after completing the Treasure Vault Puzzle. Keep in mind that you only have three minutes inside a Treasure Vault once its doors open! You’ll want to solve the puzzle quickly to grab the Chest of Ancient Tributes for a chance to sell it!

If you have yet to escape a Treasure Vault with the Chest of Ancient Tributes, be sure to check out our Treasure Vault Puzzle guide here!

Selling the Chest of Ancient Tributes is a crew-based Challenge. As soon as anyone in your crew sells the chests, the entire crew will receive Favour.

Treasure Vaults

What challenges should you do?

Looking through the Challenges, you’ll see that most of them involve the Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults. To gain access to one, you’ll want to start by first getting yourself a Treasure Vault Key by completing a Wayfinder Voyage.

The Wayfinder Voyage will earn you Favour sailing from island to island collecting Torn Map Parchments and additional Favour for completing it.

Upon completing the Wayfinder Voyage, you will dig up a Collector’s Chest with a Treasure Vault Key inside. This Vault Key is your ticket to earning even more Favour!

Head to the island that your Treasure Vault Key belongs to and open it up. You will earn Favour for simply cracking open the Treasure Vault. Once inside the Treasure Vault, you can focus on collecting Captain’s Chests, picking up every Gold Pile, or working on the puzzle to collect the Chest of Ancient Tributes.

If you are quick enough, with a large enough crew, or in a smaller Treasure Vault, you can try to go for all three Challenges!

We suggest focusing on unlocking the Chest of Ancient Tributes and collecting any Captain’s Chests inside first. Picking up every Gold Pile is a much more time-consuming task, especially if you are in a Silver or Gold Treasure Vault. You have a much higher chance of finding every Captain’s Chest inside and solving the puzzle than finding and collecting every Gold Pile inside the Treasure Vault.

Once you are done with the Treasure Vault and have sold your collected loot, throw down another Wayfinder Voyage and do it again!

While the Wayfinder Voyages and Treasure Vaults will more likely than not be your best bet, you’ll also want to pay attention to the Favour Boosts throughout the event!

Favour Boosts

Throughout the event, the Favour values for various challenges will be “boosted.” More specifically, Favour values will double.

Upon entering the Sea of Thieves, you will receive a Mysterious note telling you which challenges the Gold Hoarders are more likely to Favour that week.

From March 25th to April 1stsailing nautical miles with an active Gold Hoarder voyage and completing Gold Hoarder voyages will receive a boost from 5 to 10 Favour. If you aren’t raiding Treasure Vaults, you’ll want to focus your efforts on completing as many Gold Hoarder voyages as you can. Look for those single chapter voyages!

From April 1st to the 8th, selling Captain’s Chests, Stronghold Chests and Chest of Ancient Tributes will each award double the amount of Favour. Completing Treasure Vaults will allow you to gather a respectable amount of Captain’s Chests as well as Chests of Ancient Tributes. You could also focus on obtaining the Gold Hoarder Emissary Quest. This quest is comprised of several maps that return nothing other than Captain’s Chests.

From April 8th to the 15th, opening Treasure Vaults and collecting every Gold Pile in a Treasure Vault be worth 20 Favour instead of 10. You will need to complete Wayfinder Voyages to obtain a Treasure Vault Key. Use the Vault Key to open a Treasure Vault and have a chance at collecting every Gold Pile inside.

Alright, pirates. That is about everything you need to know to earn all the Favour necessary to earn those new cosmetics!

If anything changes, or we learn anything new, we’ll be sure to add it to the guide.

If you have any questions, any interesting findings, or hilarious encounters throughout this event, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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