Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha: Update 0.1.1 – Taming New Seas

Rare just released an exciting trailer showing off the latest updates to the Technical Alpha that has been taking place. If you haven’t signed up for the Insider Programme yet, which grants you a chance to partake in the Technical Alpha, you can do so here. If you are squared away then prepare your eyes for brand new gameplay from this highly anticipated pirate game!

As seen from the video, the latest update adds quite a bit to the Sea of Thieves sandbox. The first and most obvious update making its way in are the new regions and islands. The previous build had plenty of lush green islands to hunt for treasure on, but most were small enough to find everything they had to offer within minutes of landing. From the glimpses here and there of the new islands available to explore, we see more variety in island vegetation and size as well as the addition of deep caves and coves to discover and hide in.

While you are wandering about, be sure to be surrounded by your crew as the next big update to the Technical Alpha is skeleton AI populating the islands! Shown in the video, this new foe digs itself out from the ground and quickly goes on the offense. These mean looking skeletons are packing heat to boot so be sure to not stand still for too long!

Players will also be greeted to falling damage, something that was missing from the last build. If you thought you were going to be able to jump down from the crow’s nest willy–nilly then think again as the Ferry of the Damned will be waiting for you. You will also have to think twice before finishing off your cup of grog as having too much to drink will have you expelling your lunch all over the deck!

Another huge update to the latest Technical Alpha build not shown in the trailer but mentioned in this article is a voyage system. This system will deliver and frame quests for players going forward. Previously, players went on quests by following a treasure map in their inventory. It will be interesting to learn how this new voyage system works and how players receive quests to follow.

This is a huge update for players who have been in the Technical Alpha and a lot to digest for players following along waiting for their chance to play. The skeletons definitely add a lot to the treasure hunting aspect of the game. Players not carrying the treasure chest back to the ship will have to act as an entourage ready to act on skeletons at a moments notice giving more weight to the cooperative nature of a crew. The addition of becoming sick from drinking grog is a nice humorous touch that will make for some great fun between treasure hunts. With each update, I get more excited for the game as the vision Rare has for Sea of Thieves becomes clearer.

For more information be sure to head over to the official Sea of Thieves site and read about the update here.

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