Sea of Thieves: Tales from the Tavern Podcast – Episode 9

The Tales from the Tavern podcast has continually been a great outlet for giving players new juicy details about the game each month as well as a thorough status of the game and what to expect next.

This month’s Tales from the Tavern should be extra special for all the PC players dying to get their hands on the Technical Alpha as PC Design Lead Ted joined the podcast for an update. Along with the PC news came some interesting information for the Sea of Thieves community as a whole. Joe Neate told a story of him jumping into the Alpha after hours from his Xbox while other Rare employees were testing on their PCs. This doesn’t necessarily confirm that cross-platform will be in the final state of Sea of Thieves, but it is still exciting to know it is currently in place and seems to be working.

With the PC details came insight into the Phil Spencer visit, feedback from the community, the addition of wildlife in the game world (chickens!), player progression and roles all in the presence of the mighty Captain Bones! Be sure to have a listen! You can watch on YouTube or listen through soundcloud and iTunes.

You can find the podcast on soundcloud and and iTunes below:

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