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Sea of Thieves: Purchasable Resource Crates

The arrival of Season Two has introduced a long-requested quality of life feature. Pirates can now purchase Resource Crates directly from the Merchant Alliance at any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves.

Of course, you can still rummage through the Outpost at the start of each adventure if you’d like. However, if you’d like to speed up that process and set sail much sooner, you and your crew can spend some gold to depart on your journey with a well-stocked ship.

Where do you buy Resource Crates?

You can purchase Resource Crates from the Merchant Alliance Representative on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves. You don’t need to be a Merchant Alliance Emissary to do so either. Any pirate, Emissary or not, can purchase these Resource Crates.

Simply speak with any Merchant Alliance Representative and choose to browse their Resources and Commodities. You will find four different Resource Crates ready to purchase with gold.

The different Resource Crates available for purchase are a Cannonball Crate, Fruit Crate, Storage Crate, and Wood Crate.

Trade Routes

How much do the Resource Crates Cost?

Not all Resource Crates are of the same value and therefore have different purchase prices. The prices for each Resource Crate are:

  • Cannonball Crate costs 5,000 gold
  • Fruit Crate costs 3,500 gold
  • Storage Crate costs 17,500 gold
  • Wood Crate costs 3,500 gold

Each crate, except the Storage Crate, comes stocked with supplies. You will find 50 Cannonballs in the Cannonball Crate, 50 Bananas in the Fruit Crate, and 50 Wood Planks in the Wood Crate.

Though the Storage Crates come empty, you can quickly fill one up at the Outpost you purchased it on. They act just as you would expect, so you can fill with any resource you like.

Once you purchase a Resource Crate, don’t forget to redeem it from the Merchant Alliance Representative. Once purchased, the Merchant Alliance Representative will hold all Resource Crates until you redeem them.

Cannonball Crate

How many Resource Crates can you buy?

There are limits and cooldowns to purchasing Resource Crates from the Merchant Alliance.

For starters, your crew can only purchase one type of Resource Crate per Outpost every three in-game days. That means at each Outpost your crew can buy one Cannonball Crate, Fruit Crate, Storage Crate, and Wood Crate. If a pirate leaves your crew and a different pirate joins, that newcomer still can’t purchase the Resource Crate at that Outpost until the three in-game days are up.

If your crew purchased a Cannonball Crate at 10am on the 12th at Plunder Outpost, it would restock at Plunder Outpost at 6am on the 15th, three days later.

For a quick and easy rule just remember, “3 days from now at 6am I can purchase it again.”

Once you have purchased the Resource Crate, you will see it locked out and unavailable to purchase again.

The limits and cooldowns for Resource Crates apply per Outpost. You can always travel to another Outpost during the three in-game day period to purchase more. They also only apply to your crew. Your crew purchasing every Resource Crate from an Outpost won’t prevent another crew from purchasing Resource Crates at that Outpost.

The bottom line for limits and cooldowns is, purchasing Resource Crates is per crew, per Outpost, per three in-game days for each Resource Crate type.

Purchase Wood Crate

We are super excited about this new ability available to all pirates! As a crew that spends a significant amount of time gathering supplies at our initial Outpost, we look forward to lowering our sails much sooner in exchange for a small amount of gold.

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