Sea of Thieves Locked Cosmetics, Vol. I [Infographics]

Volume I: Unlocking Cosmetics on your Journey to Pirate Legend, Levels 0 – 50

Part and parcel of a pirate’s life is a pirate’s persona. Even famed pirates whose names and deeds rang throughout the seas embellished their lore with a carefully crafted image.

In Sea of Thieves, you can do the same. Whether your pirate style is dapper or bedraggled, Sea of Thieves outposts are teeming with cosmetics for ships, clothing, equipment, and weaponry.

Most cosmetics are available to pirates of any level. If you’d like to see all the cosmetics offered—without stopping by each outpost in game—click the little coin icon in the interactive SoT companion map (Apple Pirates, Android Pirates, Web Pirates). There you can peruse all the enticing items in each region.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Companion App Cosmetics Preview Button


However, certain items are locked away. Some items are locked by commendations. Some items are locked by levels. Oh, you can see them, but you can’t buy them. They look a bit like this:

Sea of Thieves Locked Cosmetics Rogue Sea Dog Hull


In this volume, we’ll be looking at the level locked items for levels 0 – 50.

These items will only be available once you’ve reached the stated level in the stated trading company: Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders, or Merchant Alliance.


The trouble is: sometimes we found that we couldn’t quite remember which levels we had to reach, in which trading companies, and which items we’d unlock.

Sure, we’re pirate legends now, but this information might still provide a bit of insight—particularly in assessing friend and foe. Plus, new pirates set sail every day. (Huzzah!) So, we thought we’d compile a resource once and for all.

This article will show you a level-by-level comparison of the items unlocked across the three trading companies. Additionally, at the end, you’ll be presented with three separate and comprehensive infographics for each of the three trading companies.

Let’s set sail!

Cosmetics Unlocked at each Level in each Trading Co.


Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 10

Grouping: things that stop your ship

Currently, level 10 is the first level to unlock an item: a capstan. Even if these hadn’t been locked up, you might have wanted to wait until level 10 to part with the gold. These cost a pretty penny: $49,000 each.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 25

Grouping: things that steer your ship

Level 25 unlocks another item for your ship: a captain’s wheel. As you might have guessed, these wheels nicely accompany those capstans.

Similarities between capstans and wheels don’t end at appearances. They share a price tag: $49,000 each.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 28

Grouping: things that cover your hands and feet

Level 28 unlocks your first status symbol clothing: boots and gloves. Level 28 is also when you begin to unlock a slightly different “set” of cosmetics in each trading company.

Within each trading company there are sets of cosmetics which complement each other particularly nicely. For instance, the items unlocked at level 10 and level 25 in the Order of Souls were both titled, “Sea Dog,” and they sport a pleasantly coherent color scheme. The same goes for the “Sovereign” and “Admiral” items above.

There are plenty of other “Sea Dog,” “Sovereign,” and “Admiral” items available to pirates of any level. However, currently, there is only one other locked item sharing a name with these capstans and wheels: the cannons. Those are unlocked a bit later…

With the exception of the cannons, the remaining locked items for the Order of Souls levels are all titled “Rogue Sea Dog.” In the Gold Hoarders, all will be titled, “Royal Sovereign.” In the Merchant Alliance, all will be titled, “Ceremonial Admiral.”

Happily, these are much more affordable than those capstans and wheels. Both the boots and gloves will run you $1,350 per pair. If you’d like the boots and gloves for a particular trading company, budget $2,700.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 31

Grouping: things that move elements (earth and water)

Level 31 unlocks your first status symbol equipment: buckets and shovels. A bit more expensive than the gloves and boots, your bucket will cost $1,900. Your shovel will cost almost as much at $1,850.

If you simply cannot have a mismatched bucket and shovel, the trading company’s set will cost: $3,750.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 33

Grouping: things that help cover your legs

More clothes! These clothes tend to be a bit more noticeable than boots and gloves: belts, dresses, and trousers!

Belts are actually a bit less expensive than your level 31 items: $1,350 each. The dresses and trousers are a bit more expensive: $2,700 each.

If you can’t quite decide whether you want a dress that billows like your sails or trousers securely fastened with a belt, you can always try a bit of everything. “Everything” for one trading company will cost $6,750.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 36

Grouping: things that help cover your torso

Even more clothes! You are now able to complete your ensemble with shirts and jackets. Shirts will cost you the same as your level 33 dresses and trousers: $2,700 each. The jackets are quite a bit more expensive: $6,750.

If you’re wanting to mix and match ensembles using all the items unlocked at level 36 in a particular trading company, that will be $12,150.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 38

Grouping: things you raise

Raise a grog! Level 38 unlocks lanterns and tankards.

If the rising price tag at each level had you worried, go ahead a breathe a sigh of relief. Lanterns will run you $1,900 each, while tankards will only run you $900 each. Want both? That will run you $2,800.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 40

Grouping: things that go boom!

Ah, back to those “Sea Dog,” “Sovereign,” and “Admiral,” ship cosmetics. Rounding out the set from the earlier unlocked capstans and wheels, you have now unlocked your cannons.

Thank goodness the level 38 cosmetics were a bargain because you’ll need to be saving your gold for level 40. As with the other ship cosmetics, cannons will run you $49,000.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 41

Grouping: things that help you sing a shanty

Strike up the band! Level 41 unlocks your instruments: the concertina, the drum, and that iconically piratical hurdy-gurdy.

The concertina and hurdy-gurdy cost $2,850 each. If you’d like to add percussion, the drum will cost you $3,500. All together now: $9,200.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 43

Grouping: things that you hear? (that are not instruments) if you figure this one out, comment below; we clearly haven’t the foggiest…

Can you hear me now? Ah, yes, you’ve finally unlocked your speaking trumpet. Plus, you’ve unlocked that tick-tock clock that even landlubbers use as bling: the pocket watch.

These are a little less expensive than your level 41 instruments. The speaking trumpets go for $2,300 a piece. The pocket watches go for $2,800 a piece. With slightly lower prices and one fewer item than level 41, purchasing everything unlocked at a particular trading company’s level 43 will cost you far less at only $5,100.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 46

Grouping: things that help you navigate

“Bring me that horizon!” It’s time to unlock your compass and spyglass.

Similar to the pocket watches, the compasses go for $2,800 a piece. Prices go up a bit for the spyglasses: $3,800 a piece. For both newly-unlocked, horizon-catching items? $6,600.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 47

Grouping: things that help with injuries (although there is an alternate use for the eyepatch…)

A pirate’s life be a dangerous life. Lose a hand, a foot, or an eye? This level has got you covered: hooks, peglegs, and eyepatches.

These are the first of your vanity items to be unlocked. While these are sold in clothing shops, you’ll equip these items from your vanity chests along with any tattoos, scars, facial hair, hair styles, hair colors, make-up, and titles.

Losing an eye will cost you a bit less—at least in your purse. The eyepatches go for $3,050 each. Lose a hand or a foot and it will cost you a bit more. Hooks and peglegs go for $4,050 each. If you’re a rather battle-scarred pirate—who nevertheless wishes to appear sharp in your trading company attire—all three items will cost $11,150.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 48

Grouping: things that help you slay your foes

En garde, ye scalawags! Aye, level 48 unlocks your weaponry: the blunderbuss, the cutlass, the eye of reach, and the pistol.

A fine blade, each cutlass will cost you $7,000. However, the weaponsmiths demand a bit more for their artistry when it comes to the guns. Each gun unlocked will cost you $9,450. If you’re eager to display your fighting prowess with every weapon this level unlocked, you’ll first need to display $35,350.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 49

Grouping: things to top it all off

Hats! Naturally, hats can prove quite functional in heavy rain and harsh sun. Ah, but a hat can also be a conspicuous extension of a pirate’s persona. (Jack Sparrow? Anne Bonny?)

Hats unlocked at level 49 will cost you $6,800.

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Cosmetics Unlocked at Level 50

Grouping: things to announce your achievement!

Huzzah! You’ve made it! The reward that awaits is one commensurate with your achievement—the ability to show friend and foe at distance just how experienced you are. Aye, ship cosmetics. At level 50 you will unlock these instantly recognizable figureheads, hulls, and sails.

Of course, unlocking these items doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the gold to purchase them all at once.

Similar to the earlier unlocked ship cosmetics (capstans, wheels, and cannons)—figureheads, hulls, and sails cost $49,000 each. If you plan to purchase everything unlocked when you finally reach level 50 in a trading company, your grand total will come to: $147,000.

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Level Locked Athena’s Items and Commendation Locked Items

Ah, yes. There is more to come. This article is focused solely on outlining and comparing the items unlocked on levels 0-50 in each individual trading company.

We’ll be publishing a similar article focused solely on level locked Legend and Athena’s cosmetics—as well as achievement locked items—in the very near future. All in good time, me hearties. All in good time.

Handy Infographics for Level Locked Items in each Trading Co.

This article has shown a level-by-level comparison of the items unlocked across all three trading companies. That way, when you get to an unlocking level, you can better decide where to spend your hard-earned gold.

Below, you have three separate and comprehensive infographics for each of the three trading companies.

If you’re not yet a pirate legend, use the infographics to see when you’ve unlocked new cosmetics—or how long it will take to unlock a particularly coveted cosmetic. If you’re already a pirate legend, use them to satisfy your curiosity—or use them to better gauge the level of your foes.

No matter your level, hopefully, these will provide you with a handy reference as you sail the Sea of Thieves. Happy Sailing!

Sea of Thieves Level Locked Gold Hoarder Cosmetics Royal Sovereign Infographic

Sea of Thieves Level Locked Order of Souls Cosmetics Rogue Sea Dog Infographic

Sea of Thieves Level Locked Merchant Alliance Cosmetics Ceremonial Admiral Infographic

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    1. Or maybe things to add urgency? watch for telling you time is getting short and megaphone for “emphasizing” orders to crewmates?

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