Sea of Thieves: How to Raise Your Season Renown Level

While the Trading Company progression system currently awards progress for turning in treasure, Seasons offers a different route for pirates to advance in the Sea of Thieves. The Seasons progression system awards progress for performing a wide variety of actions in the Sea of Thieves and not just turning in loot.

The foundation of this new global progression system is Renown.

What is Renown

Renown is a progression metric that isn’t entirely dependent on handing in loot. Renown can be earned in dozens of different ways and represents your level of progress within a Season. The higher your Renown, the more cosmetics, gold, doubloons, and Ancient Coins you will unlock!

The wide range of ways to earn Renown allows pirates to play the way they want to and still feel a sense of progress.

How to Your Raise Renown Level

There are three main ways of raising Renown: completing repeatable Renown actions, completing one-time Deeds and Trials, and completing Special Events.

Renown Actions

You and your crew can complete specific actions while pirating around the Sea of Thieves that will raise your Renown. These actions range from basic actions such as sailing nautical miles to more difficult actions like completing World Events.

Many of these actions will naturally come as you explore the sea and combat threats found at sea. Other actions will require you to focus your efforts on them if you want to earn the Renown they offer.

Actions such as bringing treasure onboard, killing Skeletons, and discovering emergent treasure will award Renown to you and your crew when performed. Others such as catching fish, eating meat, and visiting islands will award Renown to just the pirate who did it.

The game will notify you each time you complete an action that rewards Renown with a notification in the top left corner of the screen. Every time you see a notification with the words “added to Log” in them, you’ll know you have earned some Renown.

added to Log

Renown Action Difficulty Tiers

As we mentioned, some Renown actions are more difficult to perform and award a different amount of Renown. The Renown actions can belong to one of three tiers: Swift, Grand, and Epic.

Swift Renown actions such as eating perfectly cooked meat or placing treasure on your ship will be labeled with a Green log book in the notification. These Renown actions will give the least amount of Renown a Renown action can award.

Grand Renown actions such as vanquishing a Skeleton Captain or completing a voyage will be labeled with a Blue log book in the notification. These Renown actions will give a medium amount of Renown a Renown action can award.

Epic Renown actions such as scuttling a Skeleton Ship or completing a World Event will be labeled with a Purple log book in the notification. These Renown actions will give the highest amount of Renown a Renown action can award.

How to Raise your Renown with Actions

Here are all the ways you can earn Renown with actions:

Visiting islands (Swift)

Each time you visit an island you will receive Renown. You simply need to set foot on the island for the action to trigger.

A cooldown will prevent you from immediately hopping back on your ship and jumping on the island again. You will need to wait sometime and visit other islands before returning to acquire more Renown.

Sailing nautical miles (Swift)

You will be awarded Renown for each nautical mile you sail. Though, you must physically be on the ship for the nautical mile counter to track. You cannot be off the ship while it sails around the sea and receive credit for the miles the ship logs without you.

Finding buried treasure (Swift)

For each piece of treasure you or your crew digs up you will receive Renown. This can be treasure from a voyage or message in a bottle. As long as you are digging up a piece of treasure, you will get the Renown.

Placing treasure aboard your ship (Swift)

It’s one thing to pick up a piece of treasure. It’s another to get it safely on your ship. Placing a piece of treasure for the first time will award you and your crew Renown. However, you cannot take the same piece of treasure off and on to keep racking up Renown. It will only trigger the first time for that particular piece of treasure.

Selling treasure (Swift)

You’ve picked up the treasure and placed it on your ship. It’s now time to sell it! You will gain Renown for each piece of treasure you hand into a Trading Company. You and your crew will earn the Renown for selling treasure.

Vanquish skeletons (Epic)

Slay those skeletons! Any skeletons will do! Defeating emergent skeletons, Order of Souls skeletons, Skeleton Fort Skeletons, or any other skeleton will count for Renown.

Instead of earning Renown for every skeleton kill, you and your crew will earn Renown for every ten skeletons defeated.

Vanquish Skeleton Captains, Ashen Guardians and Ashen Key Masters (Grand)

If you want to earn a more significant amount of Renown, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any Skeleton Captains, Ashen Guardians, and Ashen Key Masters. Defeating one of these types of skeletons will award you with additional Renown on top of killing regular skeletons.

Catching fish (Swift)

Time to pull out that fishing rod again! Each fish you catch will give you Renown. Catching fish awards personal Renown and not crew Renown. That means you can’t be mooching off of your crew for fish anymore if you are looking to level up!

Catching Trophy fish (Swift)

While catching any fish will raise your Renown, catching a Trophy will give you extra Renown! Catching a Trophy fish will award you with Renown on top of the Renown for catching fish in general.

Perfectly cooking meat (Grand)

Once you have some raw meat in hand, whether it be fish, chicken, snake, pork, or monster meat, cook it up to receive Renown. It must be golden brown (perfectly cooked) when you take it off the stove. If it is perfectly cooked and not still raw or burnt, you will receive Renown.

Perfectly cooking monster meat (Grand)

While cooking regular meat will award you with Renown, you will get bonus Renown if it is monster meat. Cooking up a piece of Megalodon meat or Kraken meat will give you Renown on top of the Renown you get for cooking regular meat. Make sure not to waste your monster meat and burn it!

Eating perfectly cooked meat (Swift)

Each time you take a bite of perfectly cooked meat, you will be awarded with Renown. Eating raw meat or burnt meat will not give you any Renown. The meat must be golden brown to get credit. As it takes two bites to eat a piece of meat, you can expect to be awarded Renown twice for each piece.

Selling meat (Swift)

You’ve collected your meat, perfectly cooked it, and are ready for more Renown. You’ll want to take that meat to the closest Seapost and sell it to a Hunter’s Call representative. Each piece of meat you sell will give you some Renown.

Completing chapters in a voyage (Grand)

Some voyages are multiple chapters long. For each chapter you complete you will receive Renown.

Completing voyages (Grand)

Completing any voyage will award you and your crew with Renown. That means completing any Gold Hoarder voyage, Order of Souls Voyage, Merchant Alliance voyage or Bilge Rat voyage will award Renown upon completion.

Completing Checkpoints in a Tall Tale (Grand)

Tall Tales can require a good chunk of time to fully complete. Luckily for us, Checkpoints have been implemented, allowing us to come back to another session right where we left off. For each Checkpoint you complete you will receive Renown.

Completing Tall Tales (Grand)

Completing any Tall Tale will award you and your crew with Renown.

Injuring Kraken Tentacles (Grand)

While battling a Kraken, you will have to take down several of its tentacles to make it retreat. Each tentacle you injure will award you with Renown.

Vanquishing Krakens (Epic)

Don’t leave that ink trap just yet! While you will receive Renown for each tentacle you takedown, you will also receive an Epic amount of Renown for completely defeating the Kraken. Between the tentacle Renown, the Kraken Renown, and the monster meat the Kraken leaves behind, it’s time to start thinking of the Kraken as a piñata of Renown just waiting to be blasted open!

Vanquishing Megalodons (Epic)

Shark is back on the menu, pirates! Megalodons are worth a fair amount of Renown if you can kill one. Battling a Megalodon until it is defeated will award you with an Epic amount of Renown. You’ll also want to pick up the Megalodon meat it leaves behind to cook up for some additional Renown.

Scuttling Skeleton Ships (Epic)

Those pesky Skeleton Ships now have an extra reason to be taken down. Each Skeleton Ship you and your crew sinks will award you with Renown.

It doesn’t matter if it is a sloop or galleon Skeleton Ship; either is considered an Epic sink!

Scuttling Ghost Ships (Swift)

Each Ghost Ship you scuttle will award you and your crew with Renown. Ghost Ships take three cannon hits to defeat, making sense for it only to be worth a Swift amount of Renown.

You can find Ghost Ships by taking on one of the Order of Souls Ghost Ship voyages or partaking in the Burning Blade World Event.

Completing World Events (Epic)

Completing any one of the World Events will award you with Renown. Clearing a Skeleton Fort, sinking the Captain of a Skeleton Fleet, defeating the Burning Blade, or taking down an Ashen Lord will all give you and your crew a nice chunk of Renown.

Deeds and Trials

Trials allow another path for pirates to earn Renown. Trials are comprised of Deeds, which are one-time tasks that you can complete for Renown. These tasks range from simple activities such as cooking a fish to larger missions like completing a Tall Tale.

For each Deed in a Trial you complete, you will receive Renown. You can view all the available Deeds and Trials in the Pirate Log in-game. You will find four types of Trials: Adventure, Exploration, Combat, and Sea. The four categories contain tasks that will catch the eye of any pirate regardless of their playstyle.

You can expect to earn much more Renown from the Deeds and Trials you complete than the Renown give by Renown actions. Deeds and Trials will usually require much more time and effort than the repeatable Renown actions do.

Similar to Renown Actions, you will be notified for all progress made on a Deed and as well as when you complete a Deed.


Deed and Trial Difficulty Tiers

Similar to Renown Actions, Deeds and Trials will reward different levels of Renown based on their difficulty tier.

Epic Deeds and Trials will reward the highest amount of Renown while the Grand Deeds and Trials will reward less than Epic. Swift Deeds and Trials are the easiest of the three different difficulty tiers. Thus, the Swift Deeds and Trials will reward the least amount of Renown.

Special Events

From now on, participating in SoT’s Special Events will not only award players with cosmetics but also Renown! The first Special Event to offer Renown for players to earn is the Champions of Souls event.

What is the best way to level up your Renown?

The difficulty tiers and time commitments for the Renown Actions and Trials are reasonably balanced. When you start to look at what activities to do to earn the most Renown at once, we think that completing World Events is a great way to level up your Renown.

Taking on a Skeleton Fort for example, will allow you to kill skeletons (an Epic Renown Action), kill Skeleton Captains (a Grand Renown Action), complete a World Event (an Epic Renown Action), and then place all the treasure from the vault on your ship (dozens of Swift Renown Actions).

For pirates who don’t like the attention a World Event might bring, fishing seems like another great bet.

Catch a fish (a Swift Renown Action), cook the fish perfectly (a Grand Renown Action), and then eat or sell it (both Swift Renown Actions).

The Deeds and Trials also award a large amount of Renown on their own, as mentioned, so if you can combine performing Renown Actions while you complete Deeds, you will be well on your way to Renown Level 100!

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