Barrel Disguise

Sea of Thieves: How to get the Barrel Disguise Emote

A small but very exciting addition to the Sea of Thieves is the Barrel Disguise Emote. While many pirates across the sea already have a chest full of great hiding strategies, the Barrel Disguise Emote is sure to step up any pirates hiding game.

How to get the Barrel Disguise Emote

To unlock the Barrel Disguise Emote, you will need to reach Renown Level 13 during Season Two. Upon reaching Renown Level 13, you will automatically receive the Barrel Disguise Emote in your Vanity Chest.

The Barrel Disguise Emote is available to all players and does not require the Plunder Pass or being a Pirate Legend to unlock. Simply sail the sea and earn your way to Renown Level 13!

Barrel Disguise

How to use the Barrel Disguise Emote

To use the Barrel Disguise emote, you will first need to equip the emote from your Vanity Chest. You can find a Vanity Chest on any ship or at any Outpost.

Once you have opened up the Vanity Chest, navigate to the Emotes section and equip the Barrel Disguise Emote.

Once equipped, you will be able to pull up your Emote wheel and choose the Barrel Disguise Emote to hide in plain sight!

Like other Emotes, the gamertag above your head will disappear for other pirates making it harder for them to spot you. Choose your hiding location carefully!

How to raise your Renown Level

If you are just now joining SoT during Season Two, you might not know how to raise your Renown Level. If you are curious, you can head on over to our guide here. We will cover the three main ways to increase your Renown Level and how to best take advantage of each.

Click the image to visit the guide!

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