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Sea of Thieves: Haunted Shores Ghost Ships Preview

UPDATE: The Haunted Shores has just released and that means the Ghost Ships are now roaming the Sea of Thieves! Head on over to our Ghost Ship World Event guide here to learn how to take on Flameheart and send those Ghost Ships back to where they came from!

Ghost Ships Flameheart
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The arrival of the Haunted Shores update is just around the corner! On June 17th, the Haunted Shores will bring a brand new threat to the Sea of Thieves, Ghost Ships!

These Ghost Ships provide an on-demand sea-based threat for players to put their sailing skills to the test! Ghost Ships come in packs and will require players to maneuver around and defeat large fleets of ships.

New Cannonballs

If having to fight against a giant fleet of ships wasn’t enough, you’ll have to contend with the new ammunition these ghost ships have been equipped with!

Phantom Cannonballs

Phantom Cannonballs are ghostly spirits that can be shot at your ship from the cannons of the Ghost Ships. While easy to spot since they are giant ghosts, they still pack quite a punch!

Phantom Cannonball

Wraith Cannonballs

You do not want to get hit with one of these cannonballs! Wraith cannonballs come in the shape of big spectral faces that hit like a shotgun blast. You can expect a large knockback and several holes after coming in contact with this screaming face!

Wraith Cannonball

Ghost Mines

You won’t get away with just trailing a Ghost Ship like you might a Skeleton Ship. If a Ghost Ship senses you being on their six, they will drop ghost mines that will explode with great force!

You can shoot them to blow them up before they get near their ship if you are a quick enough shot though!

Ghost Mine

We cannot wait to challenge ourselves against these massive fleets of Ghost Ships when Haunted Shores releases! The new cannonballs, mines and overwhelming amount of ships at once is sure to make for some fun and hectic memories!

5 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: Haunted Shores Ghost Ships Preview”

  1. I still don’t understand how exactly they take damage and how easy they sink. Saw you take big chunks out of their ghostly form but that’s all.

  2. there should be a way to buy resources, even if it were expensive, sometimes would be better to buy a cannonball box than spend 10 min+ only looking for supplies

  3. Takes about 3 hits on a ghost ship to defeat it but there’s always another that appears shortly after to replace it.

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