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Sea of Thieves: Fort of Fortune Guide

Since the start of Sea of Thieves, World Events have been a beacon for pirates, guiding them to some of the most valuable rewards that just so happen to be guarded by the most challenging encounters the sea has to offer. The latest World Event, the Fort of Fortune, is no different in that regard. However, its reward and challenge are unmatched by any other World Event, including the Fort of the Damned!

The Fort of Fortune’s combination of rarity, reward, and difficulty is sure to reignite that initial Skeleton Fort experience from the early days of the sea. For those that don’t remember, Skeleton Forts only spawned once every several hours. Crews from all over the Sea of Thieves would stop whatever they were doing and sail straight to the Skeleton Fort in hopes of leaving with the spoils locked away inside its vault.

As soon as the blaring horn announces the large red Skull Cloud in the sky, you can expect crews from all corners of the map converging to the Fort of Fortune, duking it out for an incomparable pile of loot!

Before charging into battle, you’ll want to come fully prepared with what to expect from the Fort of Fortune. That way, you can focus your efforts on disposing of any pirate who stands in your way!

What is the Fort of Fortune?

The Fort of Fortune is a rare type of World Event. Its structure is similar to the current Skeleton Fort World Event but provides a greater challenge and holds a greater reward for those pirates brave enough to take it on. The chance of the Fort of Fortune appearing is very rare. As for its rewards, it holds Athena’s Fortune treasure inside its vault. You will have to defeat some of the most brutal foes seen in the Sea of Thieves to gain access to its riches!

How to identify the Fort of Fortune

You will know the Fort of Fortune is active by its very audible introduction. The Fort of Fortune announces its presence with a loud horn blast which can be heard from all around. The closer you are to the Fort of Fortune when it appears, the louder the horn will be.

If you miss its arrival, look for a giant Skull Cloud in the sky. The Fort of Fortune’s Skull Cloud differs from the standard Skeleton Fort Skull Cloud with its glowing red scars and eyes. The skull is also much larger, with lightning flashing inside of it.

Fort of Fortune

Where can the Fort of Fortune appear?

The Fort of Fortune can only take over any of the Skeleton Forts found in the sea. If a Skeleton Fort can spawn there, so can a Fort of Fortune.

How to defeat the Fort of Fortune

Similar to the Skeleton Fort World Event, you will need to conquer waves of skeletons, 18 to be exact. The final wave ends with an explosive battle against an Ashen Lord! The skeletons you’ll fight during the Fort of Fortune are much stronger and more deadly than the ones you usually come across.

While the Fort of Fortune is a more challenging Skeleton Fort experience, pirates can use dropped Skeleton’s Orders found throughout the battle to gain access to powerful munitions that will aid them in battle!

First 15 Waves

The first 15 waves of the Fort of Fortune consist of different types of skeletons. You will fight Bone Skeletons, Gold Skeletons, Plant Skeletons, and Shadow Skeletons.

Every few waves will be a Skeleton Captain wave where there will be named Skeleton Captains to slay amongst the other grunt skeletons. Upon their death, these Skeleton Captains will drop Villainous Bounty Skulls, Gold Pouches, and Skeleton’s Orders. The maps from the Skeleton’s Orders point to high-value ammunition stashed away on the fort, such as an:

  • Ammo Crate
  • Firebomb Crate
  • Chest of Rage
  • Stronghold Gunpowder Keg
  • Ashen Winds Skull

To efficiently defeat each wave, you and your crew will want to take advantage of the armaments provided by the Skeleton’s Orders.

For instance, you might want to save any Stronghold Gunpowder Kegs you dig up for the final wave against the Ashen Lord. Or use the Ashen Winds Skull for crowd control and make quick work of a horde of Gold Skeletons that will just not die.

If you are still having difficulty clearing the waves, you can always try leading the skeletons down to the shore where your ship is parked. There’s usually nothing a barrage of cannon fire can’t take of.

While you battle your way through the waves of skeletons, you’ll want to take a break here and there to scan the horizon. There’s no doubt other ships at sea will want to come a take a piece of the fort for themselves! If possible, try and keep the skeletons in any fort towers alive. Their cannon fire on any approaching ships acts as an alarm bell, letting you know when someone is nearby.

With the first 15 waves out of the way, it’s now time for the final three which will prove to be the most challenging!

Firebomb Crate

Wave 16

Wave 16 will have you fighting a Skeleton Lord, the Mutinous Helmsman! You’ll need to watch out for his special attacks that could send you flying off the fort or send you to the Ferry of the Damned with one perilous shot.

Defeat this mighty foe for a Stronghold Skull, Gold Pouches and a Skeleton’s Order. Though, this Skeleton’s Order will not lead to a helpful tool. Instead, it will guide you to a Rag and Bone crate on the fort.

If you’ve defeated the Mutinous Helmsman, don’t celebrate too quickly! You’re not done yet!

Wave 17

Wave 17 will spawn the Duchess and the Two-Faced Scoundrel! If you haven’t dug up those Skeleton’s Order armaments yet, now might be the time to do so. A well-placed Stronghold Gunpowder Keg could deal significant damage to both of these Skeleton Lords.

Defeat both of them to receive Gold, Stronghold Skulls, more Skeleton’s Orders and access to the final wave…

Final Wave

After battling through the onslaught of foes and ferocious Skeleton Lords, you will finally face off against a mighty Ashen Lord.

The Ashen Lord is the final boss and is tough as ever. The Ashen Lords have their complete set of abilities you’ve become familiar with since they first appeared. You will need to watch out for its Fire Boulder, Knockback, and of course, the dreaded World’s End abilities!

Speaking of the Worlds End, if you have been stockpiling any kegs, you’ll want to make sure they are in a safe place or use them before the Ashen Lord uses this ability. The rain of fiery boulders will take out any unprotected gunpowder barrels.

The Ashen Lords are slow, so if you haven’t done so yet, dig up any remaining Skeleton’s Order munitions while you can and use them against the Ashen Lord.

When the Ashen Lord is defeated, it will drop the Fort of Fortune Vault Key and an Ashen Winds Skull. The Fort of Fortune Vault Key is visible to all players on the Map Table, similar to the Fort of the Damned Vault Key.

Fort of the Fortune Rewards

The loot found inside the vault of the Fort of Fortune is unlike any other World Event reward. It even puts the Fort of the Damned to shame!

Expect to find a Chest of Legends, Kegs of Ancient Black Powder, Crates of Legendary Voyages, Athena Villainous Skulls and Athena’s Fortune trinkets. But that’s not all!

You and your crew will also find Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels, Stronghold Skulls, Stronghold Chests, Crates of Ancient Bone Dust, Crates of Spice, Captains Chests, Crates of Silk and Ruby Mermaid Gems!

How much gold can you earn from the Fort of Fortune?

You can earn around 120,000 to 140,000 gold from turning in all the loot found inside the Fort of Fortune’s vault. This is without raising an Emissary Flag and applying an Emissary Grade multiplier to the value of the loot as well. To make the most gold from the fort, you’ll want to make sure to collect all the Villainous Skulls dropped by the Skeleton Captains throughout the battle. Digging up the treasure from the Skeleton’s Orders will also help add to your overall loot haul.

Fort of Fortune Treasure

Fort of Fortune Commendations

The Order of Souls Reputation Tab holds a new commendation for crews storming the legendary Fort of Fortune.

Scourge of Brutal Bastions – Clear out Forts of Fortune.

The Fort of Fortune skull cloud will be a rare sight in SoT. When you hear the horn call across the seas, you will want to rally your crew to set sail to reclaim the fabled loot locked away inside the Fort of Fortune’s vault.

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