Sea of Thieves Content Plans Recap

In the “Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #26” Rare set out its upcoming content plans. You can watch the video here. If you missed it—or if you’d simply like a handy reference sheet—here is little recap of the Sea of Thieves content plans.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten your sea legs in these early weeks of the game because this adventure is just getting started. New goals, new rewards, new items, new mechanics, and whole new worlds will be coming to the Sea of Thieves at a rapid pace!

Three Major Content Drops Unveiled—Sort of…

Beginning in May and continuing twice more through the summer, Rare has three major content drops planned. They unveiled just enough tantalizing details to excite our imaginations.

#1: The Hungering Deep

The Hungering Deep features a “new AI threat.”
Cue wild and fantastical community speculation:

  • evil mermaids,
  • sirens,
  • ghost ships,
  • skeleton ships,
  • giant sharks/whales,
  • leviathans,
  • whirlpools/waterspouts,
  • island cannibals, and
  • a volatile volcano complete with a lava monster.

There’s more than the new AI threat to get hyped about in the Hungering Deep. There will be:

  • new items,
  • new mechanics,
  • “new things to achieve and unlock,” plus
  • new tools for communication.

This last feature—new tools for communication—will likely be quite important because the Hungering Deep also creates new game play by bringing more players together to “uncover” the new AI threat.

#2: Cursed Sails

In the video, Rare says the name of this content update is, “alluding a little bit to what’s in there,” but our imaginations are still running wild!

  • Skeleton ships?
  • Ghost ships?
  • The Flying Dutchman?
  • Does this have anything to do with those “cursed cannonballs”?
  • Do you encounter ships with cursed sails?
  • Do your own sails become cursed?
  • Is the weather AI so horrific you begin cursing at your sails?

We do know that this update will include a new ship type and crews of different sizes.

This update also includes:

  • new features,
  • new mechanics,
  • new rewards, and
  • new cosmetics—gotta love that pirate bling!

#3 Forsaken Shores

Each new content update will bring exciting new challenges, but Forsaken Shores might provide pirates with their biggest challenge yet. Forsaken Shores is described as more fantastical, but also “much more perilous.”

At least in part, that peril will undoubtedly be found when encountering yet another new AI threat! See wild speculation above…

Weekly Events

These content updates are major, but Rare unveiled something else that is going to infuse the game with unremitting novelty and excitement: Weekly Events!

Yep. Sea of Thieves will have new adventures every. single. week. The weekly events will be centered around a newly introduced element to game.

These include:

  • new content,
  • new ways to play within trading companies,
  • new mechanics, and
  • new reasons to explore the world

More specifically, this is when we’ll likely see cursed cannonballs and skeleton thrones introduced.
Participating in these weekly events will be alluring for two additional reasons:

  • Leveling up within trading companies quicker, and
  • Exclusive rewards!


Pour some grog and sing a shanty!

Sea of Thieves is a vast, rich world—but we’ve only seen the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.”

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