Cannon Flare

Sea of Thieves: Cannon Flare Ship Customization

Pirates across the Sea of Thieves now have a brand new way to customize their ship! Thanks to The Festival of Giving 2020 update, we now have Cannon Flares!

What are Cannon Flares?

Cannon Flares alter the effects that come out of a ship’s cannon muzzle when fired. Shooting cannonballs, pets, and pirates will trigger the customized cannon effect.

Everyone, including enemy crews, can see these altered effects! The bright red blast from the Cutthroat Cannon Flare is sure to strike fear into any foe who sees it!

Where can you purchase Cannon Flares?

You can purchase Cannon Flares from the Shipwright found at any Outpost with gold. You can also purchase Pirate Emporium specific Cannon Flares from the Pirate Emporium.

Players must purchase the Athena Cannon Flare from the Pirate Legend Hideout.

How much do Cannon Flares cost?

You can purchase Cannon Flares from the Shipwrights with gold and from the Pirate Emporium with Ancient Coin.


The Cannon Flares from the Shipwright cost 110,250 gold each. The Pirate Legend specific Cannon Flare, Athena Cannon Flare, costs 496,125 gold.

The current list of Cannon Flares you can purchase with gold are:

  • Blue Cannon Flare
  • Orange Cannon Flare
  • Purple Cannon Flare
  • Red Cannon Flare
  • White Cannon Flare
  • Yellow Cannon Flare
  • Athena Cannon Flare

Pirate Emporium

Cannon Flares sold through the Pirate Emporium can be bought with ship bundles or separately. If purchased separately, they cost 349 Ancient Coin each.

If you purchased a ship bundle that later gets an associate Cannon Flare, you automatically receive the Cannon Flare. For instance, players who already own the Cutthroat or Bear & Bird collections will find the corresponding Cannon Flares in their inventory.

The current list of Cannon Flares you can purchase with Ancient coin are:

  • Cutthroat Cannon Flare
  • Bear & Bird Cannon Flare
  • Frozen Horizon Cannon Flare
Cannon Flare

Where do you equip the Cannon Flares?

Just like all your other ship customizations, you can equip Cannon Flares from the Ship Customization Chest found near the Shipwright at any Outpost.

Just make sure your ship is parked close enough to the Outpost. As soon as you are, you will be able to equip any Cannon Flare you own!

We can’t wait to see all the wonderful #SoTShot pictures that you pirates will create with these fun new ship customizations!

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  1. Finde ich und meine Kameraden echt cool ,aber z.b bei der Galeone könnte man noch ein paar Kanonen hinzufügen und mehr Platz für noch mehr Leute dass man das erhöht auf 5 Leute und dann Zweimaster dass man denn auf 4 Mann erhöht und die Schaluppe auf 3 das wäre richtig gut

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