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Sea of Thieves: Calendar of Giving

The Festival of Giving has been a lively celebration thus far! Pirates have been slaying Skeleton Lords, discovering Ashen Tomes and presenting gifts to the Masked Stranger.

If that wasn’t enough to get you in the mood of giving, Rare has just surprised everyone with the Calendar of Giving event!

What is the Calendar of Giving?

The Calendar of Giving is a time limited event running from December 13th to Dec 24th. Pirates sailing the Sea of Thieves during this time will get to experience daily perks and surprises to celebrate this season of generosity!

Calendar of Giving Day 1

The special perk for Day 1 is getting to earn double reputation in all Trading Companies! The surprise is a special Gilded Hoard Voyage that will automatically appear in your Voyages inventory!

Day 1 of Giving

Gilded Hoard Voyage

The Gilded Hoard of Plenty Voyage will take you to islands all over The Shores of Plenty.

You can expect a two chapter voyage for this Gilded Voyage. The first chapter will sample something from each Trading Company. You can expect to be digging up chests for the Gold Hoarders, fighting Skeleton Captains for the Order of Souls and delivering cargo for the Merchant Alliance.

Shores of Plenty Loot Tour

The second and final chapter of the voyage will have you digging up three Collector’s Chests filled with Mermaid Gems! These Mermaid Gems are extremely helpful to any pirate who has not yet hit Pirate Legend. You see, you can sell the Mermaid Gems to any trading company other than the Sea Dogs. You will get lots of reputation for them, especially during this double reputation event.

So get out there and plunder the sea! There is lots of reputation at stake and plenty of gold to grab!

You can find the official Sea of Thieves calendar here which will be updated daily with the latest perks and gifts!

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