Sea of Thieves: Black Powder Stashes Guide 2020

Larinna has found an old stockpile of Black Powder Stash voyages that Duke squirreled away last year. Going on one of these explosive voyages will ultimately lead you to an Ashen Winds Skull and a Chest of Rage!

Larinna is selling three different, region-specific, Black Powder Stash voyages in the Black Market. While they all differ in the locations you’ll visit, all three will take you on a two-chapter long adventure.

A Plentiful Stash of Powder and Arms will have you sailing across The Shores of Plenty. A Wild Stash of Powder and Arms will take you through The Wilds. And finally, An Ancient Stash of Powder and Arms will have you exploring The Ancient Isles.

In each region, you’ll be digging up Gunpowder Barrels, gifts, and more!

Once you have purchased the voyage in the region of your liking, it’s time to set sail!

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Chapter 1

The first chapter in one of the Black Powder Stash voyages will have you completing three different X Marks the Spot quests.

Each quest will direct you to an island with two to three Xs on it. Buried beneath these Xs will be either a Gunpowder Barrel or Gift.

You will want to quickly step away from any Gunpowder Barrel you dig up if skeletons ambush you! One wrong boney swipe from one of them could send you right to the Ferry of the Damned!

Once you have visited all three islands and dug up every Gunpowder Barrel and gift you can find, you’ll be ready for the next chapter!

Gunpowder Barrel

Final Chapter

The final chapter of the voyage will give you one last X Marks the Spot quest. This quest will have you digging up four pieces of treasure!

Two pieces of treasure buried on the island will be Firebombs Crates. More importantly, the other treasure will be an Ashen Winds Skull and a Chest of Rage!

Once you dig up all four pieces of treasure, the voyage will be complete.

Ashen Winds Skull

Congrats on completing a Black Powder Stash voyage! Pirates looking to achieve their Hunter of the Ashen Winds commendation will surely want to take advantage of this voyage while they can!

These voyages will also be useful to any pirate looking to acquire a few extra tools to use against any foe they meet on the open sea!

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