Sea of Thieves Adds a New Instrument: The Banjo

Jovial and jaunty, plucking out a shanty. Wistful and nostalgic, strumming a lonesome song. Few instruments play on our heart strings quite like a banjo.

Alas, me hearties! We can now strike up a tune on a banjo of our very own. Upon entering the Sea of Thieves after the Fort of the Damned update, you will find a default Banjo on the second page of your Item Radial.

Don’t worry, the SoT magic extends to your musical spirit: you already know how to harmonize seamlessly with all your favorite shanties! 

Select Banjo

Aye, and we can make our banjo look like our very own, too! It might not make you play any better, but you might have a bit more swagger in your sway when your instrument reflects your very own piratical style.

Head over to the Equipment Shop. There you will find a wide range of Banjo cosmetics to purchase. Your crew rushing you to leave the outpost? Not to worry. We’ve got them all listed below for you to peruse as you sail!

Click any banjo below to enlarge the image and get a closer look!

So, grab a crew and your instruments, too! You can now chase that ever elusive dream, becoming a traveling band on the Sea of Thieves!

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