SDCC – Sea of Thieves Panel Text Highlights

Rare was back this year for another Sea of Thieves panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016. This time they had even more to share about the game as they dived into the artistic design choices in Sea of Thieves, as well as how they accomplished in making the game world appear to always be in motion. I was fortunate enough to be at the panel and was live tweeting some of the information being talked about. As we wait for Rare to release the official recording of the panel you can read some of the highlights I tweeted out below.

  • You favorite dancing Rare employee, Adam Park, introduces the panel. Himself, Joe Neate, Ryan Stevenson, Peter Hentze will be hosting “The Art of Adventure” panel
  • They discuss Rare’s rich history and how pirates have been a common thread since the beginning
  • From Blackwyche on the Commodore 64 to Viva PiƱata
  • Sea of Thieves had 42 different E3 award nominations
  • Show Gameplay Trailer from E3 2016. Discuss how showcasing real players experiencing the game was the best way to show off the game
  • Ryan Stevenson takes the stage to start discussing the art in Sea of Thieves
  • Pirates are not accustomed to brand new things, every object appears to be old and used making it tell a story
  • Striving to make objects appear wonky, show wear and tear, and appear patched and repaired
  • Also a goal of making all the objects in the game look like 3D paintings
  • Applying wear and tear to a character can give them a much more interesting story
  • The three different crews with each of their ships
  • Banjo and Joanna dark easter eggs
  • Show off the living and breathing world

  • There will be ghosts in Sea of Thieves
  • And these ghosts appear to have their own ships!

  • Rats running around on top of the deck is a sign that your ship is sinking
  • There are no legendary pirates in the world. The kind of activities the players will partake in will make them legendary

As I mentioned this is only some of the information the Rare team talked about during the panel. Stay tuned for when Rare puts the full panel up for everyone to enjoy!

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