Pirate Emporium May 2021

In Store on the Shores! May 2021

As the Reapers vs. the World Event rages on, the Trading Companies and Reaper’s Bones continue to duke it out on the sea. To take a break from the chaos that is sure to be found at sea, you might find a moment to slip into the Pirate Emporium. You’ll find the second update for Season Two has refreshed the Pirate Emporium with new customizations. New emotes, a brand new ship set and plenty of previous cosmetics on sale await your Ancient Coin.


If you have enjoyed using the most recent emotes that allow you to show off your beautiful weapon cosmetics, you’ll most certainly get a kick out of the newest Valiant Weapon Pose Emote Bundle!

Valiant Weapon Pose Emote Bundle

The Valiant Weapon Pose Emote Bundle comes with two different poses. Each will showcase the weapon you currently have equipped. Whether you have your Cutlass or Blunderbuss in hand, you’ll strike a heroic pose that will leave all nearby pirates impressed.

You can purchase the bundle that includes the two emotes for 249 Ancient Coin.

Valiant Weapon Pose Emote Bundle

Dodgy Deal Emote

Another free emote made its way to the Pirate Emporium! About to sell a pile of stolen loot to the Reaper’s Bones? Using this new emote while you inspect each piece will best display your shifty dealings.

Dodgy Deal Emote


For you light-hearted pirates who might be too cheerful to adorn such a sinister ship collection as the Dark Warsmith, you are sure to find joy sailing the sea with the Shining Pegasus Ship Collection!

Shining Pegasus Ship Collection

The bright sparkle of your ship will be seen from all corners of the sea if you choose to sail with the Shining Pegasus Ship Collection! You’ll find the mystical creature honored in each of the bright, cloudy, and whimsical cosmetics.

You can purchase the bundle for 2,499 Ancient Coin. It includes the Shining Pegasus Figurehead, Sails, Hull, Wheel, Cannon, Capstan, Flag, and Cannon Flare.

Sold separately from the bundle are the Collector’s Shining Pegasus Figurehead and Sails. You can purchase them for 799 Ancient Coin each.

After you are done browsing the latest Pirate Emporium offerings, you’ll want to head back out to sea. The Trading Companies are still looking for pirates to raise their Emissary Flag. The Reaper’s Bones are also still looking for dastardly pirates to raise their Emissary Flag and put the Trading Companies back in their place.

For everything you need to know about the latest Sea of Thieves event, you can check out our guide here!

Reaper's vs. the World

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