Pirate Emporium February 2021

In Store on the Shores! February 2021

The Pirate Emporium has just released the second batch of Season One customizations. You will find lovely Reaper’s Heart cosmetics as well as cosmetics from the brand new Rogue Tinkerer cosmetic set!

Another exciting addition to this month’s Pirate Emporium update is the new charity sails, the Sails of Hope!


You will now find a new set of dashing outfits for your loyal companions, as well as a brand new cursed pet!

Sea Dog Outfits

You’ll want to check out the Sea Dog pet outfits now available if you are looking to have your fluffy companion look as dashing as your pirate.

Your pet is sure to impress any pirate it meets on the sea while wearing these new Sea Dog cosmetics.

The Sea Dog Pet Outfits include the Wildcat Sea Dog Outfit, Ragamuffin Sea Dog Outfit, Mau Sea Dog Outfit, Alsatian Sea Dog Outfit, Inu Sea Dog Outfit, and the Whippet Sea Dog Outfit.

Reaper’s Heart Cat

The Reaper’s Heart Cat is just as mysterious as the previous Reaper’s Heart Cursed Pets already roaming the Sea of Thieves. If you are looking for a cool and equally cunning companion, the Reaper’s Heart Cat is a must to have at your side.

Reaper's Heart Cat


The customizations found in the Pirate section of the Pirate Emporium debut the brand new Rogue Tinkerer cosmetics! You’ll also find a few more romantic pieces with the newly added Reaper’s Heart Equipment cosmetics.

Rogue Tinkerer Weapon Bundle

The Rogue Tinkerer weapons have been reforged, reworked, and remade to last through any adventure. After being put back together, the Rogue Tinkerer weapons are stronger than they ever were before.

The Rogue Tinkerer Weapon Bundle includes the Rogue Tinkerer Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach, and Pistol.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coins or each weapon separately for 249 Ancient Coins.

Rogue Tinkerer Crew Set

The Rogue Tinkerer Crew Set includes four unique costumes that you and your crew can equip. Purchasing the set will unlock the Rogue Tinkerer Captain Costume and three Rogue Tinkerer Crew Costumes.

You can purchase the set for 1,499 Ancient Coins.

Rogue Tinkerer Crew Set

Reaper’s Heart Equipment Bundle

There isn’t a more handsome-looking Equipment cosmetic set than the Reaper’s Heart Equipment cosmetics. This passionate pack includes the Reaper’s Heart Bucket, Spyglass, Shovel, and Fishing Rod.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coins or purchase each cosmetic separately for 149 Ancient Coins.

Lovestruck Emote Bundle

It’s the month of love and there is no better way to express your twitterpated heart than with the Lovestruck Emote Bundle.

The bundle includes the Self Smooch, Romantic Candle, Romantic Flower, and Skull Smooch emotes.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coins or each emote separately for 149 Ancient Coin.

Lovestruck Emote Bundle

Point and Laugh Free Emote

It’s never polite to point. Well, we shouldn’t say never. We can think of plenty of scenarios in the Sea of Thieves pointing and laughing is the best reaction. Grab yourself the Point and Laugh Emote for free the next time you browse the Pirate Emporium!

Point and Laugh Emote


The Rogue Tinkerer cosmetics don’t stop with weapons and costumes. No, you can even tinker with your ship using the Rogue Tinkerer Ship cosmetic set!

Rogue Tinkerer Ship Collection

If your ship feels like it needs an upgrade, grab yourself the Rogue Tinkerer Ship Collection. This ship set will give your ship the mechanical makeover it needs to sail the sea in style!

The Rogue Tinkerer Ship Collection includes the Rogue Tinkerer Wheel, Sails, Hull, Flag, Figurehead, Capstan, Cannon, and Cannon Flare.

Separately, you can purchase the Collector’s Rogue Tinkerer Sails and Figurehead for 799 Ancient Coin each.


Our favorite section of the Pirate Emporium is back! If you are looking to use your Ancient Coins for a great cause, you’ll want to check out the Sails of Hope!

For each purchase of the Sails of Hope, Microsoft will donate 80% of the proceeds from each sale made via the Steam version of the game, and 100% of the proceeds of each sale made via non-Steam versions of the game, to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. You can read more about the charity by visiting their site here.

February Charity Sails

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