Pirate Emporium April 2021

In Store on the Shores! April 2021

The Pirate Emporium kicks off Season Two on a darker tone by introducing the Dark Warsmith cosmetics to the Sea of Thieves. You’ll have to be careful not to burn yourself on these fiery new cosmetics as they are sure to turn the heat up in any battle!

It’s not all gloom and doom though! There’s a new pet companion, showboating emotes, a hilarious new free emote, and of course, the Season Two Plunder Pass! So head on over to the Pirate Emporium and pay tribute to one of the most feared Skeleton Captains on all the sea, the Dark Warsmith!


For you furry companion lovers out there, the start of Season Two does not leave you hung out to dry. The Reaper’s Heart Dog has arrived and is ready for cuddles!

Reaper’s Heart Dog

You can finally complete your Reaper’s Heart pet collection with the Reaper’s Heart Dog. This playful resurrected animal is ready to join the pack! Just because dark magic created this cute dog doesn’t make it any less faithful.

Reaper's Heart Dog


Now that we have had our fun with the Reaper’s Heart Dog, it’s time for something a little more sinister. The Pirate section of the Pirate Emporium this month is filled with Dark Warsmith cosmetics. For those looking to strike fear into the heart of any pirate that crosses their path, these new cosmetics are sure to do the trick!

Dark Warsmith Costume

Purchasing the Dark Warsmith costume will allow you to cosplay as the fabled Skeleton Captain. The Dark Warsmith’s only wish was to be the most feared pirate on the Sea of Thieves! You’ll be able to carry out his wishes by donning this terrifying costume.

You can purchase the Dark Warsmith Costume for 999 Ancient Coin. While wearing the costume, you can perform the exclusive Evil Laugh emote to make any pirate cower in fear.

Dark Warsmith Costume

Dark Warsmith Weapons Bundle

For any pirate who missed earning the Dark Warsmith Weapons during the Season One Plunder Pass, here’s your chance to snatch them up.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or each weapon separately for 249 Ancient Coin. The red-hot weapons bundle includes the Dark Warsmith Cutlass, Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach, and Pistol.

Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle

Who doesn’t love a good dagger trick? The Pirate Emporium is right to think we all do and is now offering the Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle.

The bundle includes the Five-Finer Fillet, Fruit Carving, Dagger Flip, and Juggling Daggers emotes.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or buy each emote separately for 149 Ancient Coin.

Dagger Tricks Emote Bundle

Thigh Slapper Emote

Grabbing the free Thigh Slapper emote will add another fun dance to your repertoire. You can use this emote to get the crowd roaring or lighten the mood by bringing some good fun to a dire situation.

Thigh Slapper


If you thought seeing skull and crossbones was a terrifying sight, wait until your eyes scan the horizon and catch a glimpse of a Dark Warsmith ship hurtling towards you!

Dark Warsmith Ship Collection

The Dark Warsmith not only wanted himself to look like the most terrifying pirate on the Sea of Thieves, but his ship too. You can complete the Dark Warsmith look with the brand new Dark Warsmith Ship Bundle. It even comes with its own tiny prisoner!

You can purchase the bundle for 2,499 Ancient Coin. It includes the Dark Warsmith Figurehead, Sails, Hull, Wheel, Cannon, Capstan, Flag, and Cannon Flare.

Sold separately from the bundle are the Collector’s Dark Warsmith Figurehead and Sails. You can purchase them for 799 Ancient Coin each.

Plunder Pass

Season Two’s Plunder Pass is available for purchase through the Pirate Emporium. With the Plunder Pass equipped, you will earn even more rewards as you raise your Renown Level throughout Season Two.

Season Two Plunder Pass

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