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What is Duke Selling? May 27th – Jun. 17th 2020

It’s a good time to be Duke right now. The Trading Companies and Reaper’s Bones are hard at work as they attempt to recruit any pirate in the Sea of Thieves with a listening ear.

Meanwhile, your friendly neighborhood Bilge Rat is spending his days and nights as a barfly. While he hasn’t put his hat in the crazy rat race that was started with Emissaries, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t stocked the Black Market with shiny new cosmetics for us to pine for!

Desirables for Doubloons


You fancy pirates who were feeling embarrassed of their grimy equipment will be grinning with glee. Duke has delivered a new batch of Aristocrat cosmetics for each of your pieces of equipment.

For doubloons, you can purchase the Aristocrat Fishing Rod, Lantern, Compass, Spyglass, Shovel, Bucket, Speaking Trumpet, Tankard and Pocket Watch.

Goodies for Gold

Nightshine Parrot

We can never get enough of the Nightshine Parrot cosmetics. Duke has brand new Nightshine Parrot clothing cosmetics up for grabs.

For gold, you can add the Nightshine Parrot Eyepatch, Hook, Pegleg, Trousers, Gloves, Belts and Boots to your clothing chest!

Black Market Archive

We have no idea how big of a warehouse Duke must have to archive each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics!

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Market Archive, it is where you will find each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics. Come the middle of June, each of the cosmetics detailed above will move to the Black Market Archive.

There is one caveat though! Once the items move to the Black Market Archive their prices go up. When they first arrive to the Sea of Thieves they have a low introductory price.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:

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