Eastern Winds Jade Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves: How to Unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Equipment and Instrument Cosmetics

The Festival of Giving update has released, making the Sea of Thieves much more cheerful than usual.

However, jolly decorations and buried gifts are not the only new festive additions to the sea! The Festival of Giving update also introduced a brand new cosmetic line!

The Eastern Winds Jade cosmetics have hit the Sea of Thieves in celebration of the season of giving! Currently, players can only earn these cosmetics by completing a brand new challenge!

How to get the Eastern Winds Jade Equipment and Instrument cosmetics

To unlock the new Eastern Winds Jade cosmetics, you must complete the 12 Deeds of Giving challenge. The 12 Deeds of Giving challenge is a timed challenge arranged by Larinna to celebrate the Festival of Giving.

It will require you to complete 12 different festive goals. Each goal unlocks a new Eastern Winds Jade cosmetic when finished.

This challenge is active from December, 9th 2020 to January, 20th 2021. After the challenge is over, these cosmetics will be available at any Outpost but require new and more challenging requirements to unlock.

How to complete the 12 Deeds of Giving Challenge

You can find the challenge and its goals in the Events tab in-game. If you need help completing any of the goals, be sure to check out our guide! This guide will walk you through each goal and how to achieve it.

Completing all 12 goals will unlock every available Eastern Winds Jade cosmetic and the “Master of Festivities” Title.

12 Deeds of Giving
Click the image to visit the guide!

After the event is over we will be sure to give an update on the new requirements needs to unlock these shiny new cosmetics!

2 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: How to Unlock the Eastern Winds Jade Equipment and Instrument Cosmetics”

  1. You can’t earn these after the event this post is incorrect… I legit thought I would be able to purchase these after the event and to my surprise They don’t exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is taken from the official Sea of Thieves release notes for the update, “Players will have plenty of time to finish off any remaining Challenges as they all remain active into the New Year. When the Event ends, these rewards will be obtainable from Outpost stores after completing certain Commendations.” If they are not in the Outpost shops now, they will be after the next update releases.

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