Frozen Horizon Clothing

Sea of Thieves: How to get the Frozen Horizon Clothing Cosmetics

The Pirate Emporium isn’t the only place you will be able to acquire some of the cool new Frozen Horizon cosmetics!

Throughout the holiday season and continuing into the New Year, there will be three sets of Twitch Drops that will unlock the Frozen Horizons Clothing Set and a couple of new emotes!

Each set of Twitch Drops will span five days with each day offering a new cosmetic.

To obtain these chilly cosmetics, all you need to do is tune in each day to watch your favorite Sea of Thieves Partner stream live for a minimum of 20 minutes! Once you have watched for 20 minutes, you’ll need to head over to your drops inventory and claim your drop. Each day there will be a new piece of the set up for grabs!

Twitch Drops Set 1

The dates for the first set of Twitch Drops are as follows:

  • Friday 11th December: Frozen Horizon Hair Male
  • Saturday 12th December: Frozen Horizon Hook
  • Sunday 13th December: Frozen Horizon Boots
  • Monday 14th December: Frozen Horizon Jacket
  • Tuesday 15th December: Confused Emote
Frozen Horizon Cosmetics

Twitch Drops Set 2

The dates for the second set of Twitch Drops are as follows:

  • Friday 18th December: Frozen Horizon Gloves
  • Saturday 19th December: Frozen Horizon Eyepatch
  • Sunday 20th December: Frozen Horizon Belt
  • Monday 21st December: Frozen Horizon Dress
  • Tuesday 22nd December: Frozen Horizon Hair Female
Frozen Horizon Cosmetics

Twitch Drops Set 3

The dates for the third set of Twitch Drops are as follows:

  • Saturday 2nd January: Frozen Horizon Beard
  • Sunday 3rd January: Frozen Horizon Peg leg
  • Monday 4th January: Frozen Horizon Trousers
  • Tuesday 5th January: Frozen Horizon Hat
  • Wednesday 6th January: D’oh Headslap
Frozen Horizon Cosmetics

Head on over to the official Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops page to make sure your account is linked and to follow along each day.

You can easily find who is streaming Sea of Thieves by checking out the Sea of Thieves Twitch directory here. A Partnered streamer will most likely have the word “drop” in their stream title, letting you know that you will be able to earn your cosmetic by watching them.

6 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: How to get the Frozen Horizon Clothing Cosmetics”

  1. ok, I have a question. everything is linked up, and I watched the twitch stream for the required amount of time. then I log into sea of thieves and it’s not there. how do I know if it is there, and if it is how do I equip it, and if it is not what is wrong with it?

  2. I did not know about this, I only found out after I tried to find how to find the set. I just bought the weapon/ice doggo pet bundle, and about to buy the ship set. I really want to have the complete set, is there any way else I can achieve the clothings if I missed the streams? (i play on xbox, IGN: Shierllama1012)

    1. Ahoy there! Sorry to hear that you missed out on the Twitch Drops 🙁 At the moment, there isn’t another way to get the clothing cosmetics. They seem to be exclusive to these Twitch Drops. Perhaps in the future there will be another Twitch Drops that will include them?

  3. So I claimed the trousers via the twitch site and it hasn’t appeared in-game yet. All the other items were there almost instantly. Has this anything to do with the 72 hours thingy? And my SoT support site is in russian and I can’t change it to english. The URL stays

    1. Yeah, if you have claimed them on Twitch you should be good to go! There have been lots of delays with progression and rewards in the past few days so I would just hang tight and hopefully they will show up soon!

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