Blighted Bonus

Sea of Thieves: Blighted Bonus Event

Lost Treasures continues to deliver fun challenges and exciting cosmetics week after week with this week being no exception. There is no stopping this ship which is a good thing because we don’t want to get off it!

The cosmetics to be earned this week are Microsoft’s State of Decay themed with the Blighted Bonus event. From June 9th: 04:00pm – June 16th: 03:59pm, complete the four event related challenges to unlock each piece of the State of Decay Blighted Ship Set!

If you are unable to complete any of the challenges, don’t worry! The Blighted Ship Set will be available to purchase in the Pirate Emporium at a later time. The cosmetics being available during this event is your chance to unlock them without having to use Ancient Coin.

Completing all four challenges will earn you the Blighted Hull, Sails, Figurehead and Flag!

So what are these four challenges you ask? The four challenges will have you turning in 30 pieces of loot to their respective Trading Companies.

  • To earn the Blighted Figurehead, turn in 30 pieces of Athena‚Äôs Treasure to the Mysterious Stranger.
  • To earn the Blighted Sails, turn in 30 Cargo Crates to the Merchant Alliance.
  • To earn the Blighted Hull, turn in 30 Chests to the Gold Hoarders.
  • To earn the Blighted Flag, turn in 30 Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls.

To follow your progress towards each challenge be sure to visit:

The Sea of Thieves Event Hub

If you are unsure about what treasure goes where, you can always check out our handy What Treasure Goes Where? article!

Trading Companies

Click the image to learn where to turn in loot.

4 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves: Blighted Bonus Event”

  1. Doesnt look fair to not have fiully access to this event since players not being legendary cannot get athen items…

    1. It is definitely harder since you can’t start an Athena’s voyage yourself but you could try hunting down Athena Emissaries! Perhaps also use Discord or an LFG to find a Pirate Legend willing to lay down some Athena voyages for you.

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