Gamescom Sea of Thieves Mixer Stream Highlights

This week Rare had another huge presence at Gamescom. While the long line of fans played Sea of Thieves on location, Rare also hosted many Mixer streams featuring players from the community and members from the Rare team.

During the streams, the rest of the community who couldn’t make it to Gamescom had an all access pass to the Rare streamers through Mixer chat. There were lots of great questions asked and even better answers given. In this article I am going to go over some of the highlights throughout the week taken from those streams:

  • There will be Easter Eggs of other Rare games hidden in Sea of Thieves. Currently there is a Banjo-Kazooie figure head that can be found on the front of ships and during Comic-Con last year, a Joanna Dark figure head was shown.
  • The gold pirates have been collecting during the Technical Alpha will be able to be used for more than just buying a mug of grog. Players should be noticing that the Outposts have been getting more and more detailed with more buildings and boarded up shops. Once the boards and removed and the doors have been opened, those shops will be very important when it comes to spending your gold.
  • Players who do not have a group of friends to crew up with will still be able to find a crew. An easy-to-use matchmaking system has been implemented so you can join up with random players.
  • Rare is actively working on a smaller ship that will allow for single player crewed pirates to sail the seas. No date on when we will see this ship, but it is in the works. Solo players are just as important as crews to Rare.
  • The map and islands are not randomly generated. Rare wants the world of Sea of Thieves to be a place you can learn and master. It has grown over time. It is three to four times bigger than at last years E3 showing. Each island has a unique shape that helps you remember it. The ever evolving world doesn’t stop the islands from changing though. With feedback the islands have changed to meet player needs.
  • Has Craig Duncan, Studio Head at Rare, worn is Goonies shirt at Gamescom? Sadly no, but he did pack it though! He was busy wearing his shiny Sea of Thieves shirt.
  • When you are in the middle of a storm, be it on the ship or island, lightening can strike you can take away health.
  • You can explore underwater. There are plenty of shipwrecks to explore filled with resources and treasure chests.
  • When you die in the game you go to the Ferry of the Damned. On the Ferry you can meet other pirates, regardless of crew who have died around the same time.
  • Proximity chat is enabled in the game. You can always hear players in your crew, but also other pirates not in your crew close by.
  • Everyone who has signed up to be an Insider will get to play the game before it is released.
  • You can drop the anchor of another crew’s ship.
  • You can’t take a chest with you if you travel with a mermaid.
  • A treasure chest will shield you from being splattered with vomit from a bucket.
  • You will be able to customize what kind of pirate you look like.
  • You will turn into a ghost when you visit the Ferry of the Damned, but return to human form when leaving.
  • Rare is looking into emotes. They’ve done some animations for them already. Player expression is very important. No timeline for when we will see them, but they are in the works.
  • You can you tac when you sail.
  • When your crew mate has been killed and falls to their knees, you will have the opportunity to revive them.
  • Rare is working hard on non-verbal communication.
  • The day/night cycle is one minute for every hour, 24 minutes per day.

And there you have it! There was plenty more jammed into the weeks worth of streaming, but these were some of the highlights that caught our attention. If anything else caught your ear, definitely leave a comment below!

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