Everwild: a New Trailer at the July 2020 Xbox Games Showcase

At long last, we have another trailer for Everwild! Let the speculations begin!

Back in November of 2019, Rare debuted the first Everwild trailer, and we have been waiting in eager anticipation of even a whisper more about this game ever since!

Today during the Xbox Games Showcase, Rare released the Everwild Eternals Trailer, featuring two minutes of never-before-seen footage of the game.

Much like the first Everwild trailer, this latest trailer is shrouded in mystery.

Nevertheless, this trailer does provide a bit more insight into how players might interact with the world and channel the magic living within it.

The Spoken Word

While nature’s rustlings and an ethereal melody guided us through the first trailer alone, this second trailer added a spoken introduction to this magical world.

Seeing as these are the first precious words we’ve received, we’ve written them here.

“Our world has a rhythm. We all sense it, but only a few truly feel it.

It is found in the smallest moments, in every step of a perilous journey, in the symmetry of ritual, in the bonds we share, and in moments of stillness.

It teaches us to look beyond the expected, to be a light in dark places, to seek answers, and to stand watch over our world.

Our world has a rhythm. We all sense it, but only a few truly feel it.”

What is an Eternal?

One of the biggest revelations in this trailer is found in its very name. We now have a name for the human figures featured in both trailers. They are called Eternals.

In light of the narration written above, it seems that these Eternals have a deeper connection to nature than other humans.

Eternals have the gift to not only sense but also feel a “rhythm,” which seems to be a spiritual connection between all living things.

Eternals also seem a bit like pack animals. While they are sometimes seen alone, they are most often seen with each other.

When seen together, there also often seems to be an element of teamwork and cooperation. So, although we don’t yet know if we’ll being playing alongside friends or AI, it does seem that we will not be alone in this world.

Floating in Water

Bonding with Everwild’s Animals

While seeing Eternals explore the world of Everwild together isn’t new, what is new in this trailer is their interaction with the creatures of Everwild.

In the first trailer, Eternals mostly seemed to watch and study the creatures they encountered. Only at the very end does one Eternal approach a deer-like creature—affectionately referred to in the community as a “Bloom Deer.”

In this second trailer, we now see the Eternals leading, feeding, comforting, guiding, and healing various creatures. The Eternals seem to have developed a bond with certain creatures that we did not see in the first trailer. 

This bond also appears to open up new possibilities—including new ways to interact with both flora and fauna.

Pulling Down Tree

The Everwild Environment

This second trailer seems to confirm that the Everwild world is not a static environment.

Without knowing the cause, we see rocks tumble onto a mountain path. We also see the Eternals interacting directly with the environment, drawing symbols in the soil—see more on this below.

Perhaps most interestingly, we also see the Eternals interacting with the animals to indirectly interact with the environment. One scene features two Eternals guiding a large creature in pulling down a massive tree.

Why do the Eternals want to pull down this tree? Perhaps the wood can be used as a resource? Maybe they’re clearing a field for more creatures?

It’s too soon to tell for sure. This is just another one of the trailer’s many moments that has left us brimming with questions.

Wielding Magic in Everwild

The trailer not only gives us a deeper look into interaction with animals and the environment, but also how we might engage with the magic swirling throughout this world.

At one point in the trailer, three Eternals perform a ritual, drawing a circle in the soil around a tree. It seems this circle serves to protect the tree, deterring a multitude of bark-hungry beetles.

Tree Protection Spell

Later on in the trailer we see an Eternal carrying a young injured animal. This Eternal is joined by others to perform yet another ritual. This ritual seems to summon a mystical being, who heals the young animal.

The trailer ends with Eternals showing their gratitude to this mystical being.

Healing Ritual

More to Explore

To anyone who loves exploring every little detail: you’re in good company.

The above mentioned scenes are only a few of the many little gems strewn throughout this second trailer—and this is only the beginning of our analysis. We’ll be posting more very soon!

Like any Rare fan anxiously awaiting this magical game, of course we’d love to see more. Nevertheless, there is something incredibly special about this point in a game’s life cycle.

This is a time when we get to savor every little morsel cleverly tucked into these trailers, allow our imaginations to run wild, and grow together as a new community in the process.

There’s a magic in this time, while we await the magic to come.

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