Shrouded Ghost

In Store on the Shores! Sep. 9th – Oct. 14th 2020

The pirates of the Sea of Thieves have been dying for a loyal pet companion and can now finally purchase one from the Pirate Emporium! Dogs are here and have made a big splash with three different breeds to choose from.

For those pirates in love with the sea more than the land, there are several Shrouded Ghost Hunter cosmetics sure to make your mouth water. From the Shrouded Ghost Hunter ship collection to the brand new Shrouded Ghost Hunter costumes, you are sure to find something you can wear to show your appreciation of the mighty Megalodon.


Dogs! Dogs are here and we just need to shout about it because we are so excited! If you want at least one loyal crew mate aboard your ship at all times, a dog is the perfect solution!


Head to the Pirate Emporium to meet your soon-to-be new loyal companion. You’ll have three breeds to choose from: the wolf-like Alsatian, the lively Whippet and the confident Inu.

The Alsatians

Alsatians are good at about everything. If you need a dog that you can count on then an Alsatian is your breed. These dogs are full of adventure and always ready for your next move!

The five different variants of Alsatian are: Domino, Russet, Saddleback, Stalwart and Snowy.

The Whippets

Whippets are the fastest of the different breeds. These dogs are ready to follow a pirate who is always thinking of what’s next. Whippets are go go go and will be ready at a moments notice!

The five different variants of Whippets are: Silverfoot, Streaked, Fawn, Redback and Ashpaw.

The Inus

You can’t help but stop and pick up one of these furry pups when you walk by. The Inu are as kind and gentle as they are fluffy and excitable. If you just need a smile or chuckle, be sure to get yourself an Inu. They are bound to bring some brightness into your every day.

The five different variants of Inus are: Coral, Smoky, Chocolate, Mudraker and Cotton Boll.

Dog Outfits

You will find all the different pet outfits you’ve come to know and love for your furry dogs too!

Kraken Outfit

Ghost Outfit

Bilge Rat Outfit

Sovereign Outfit

Pirate Legend Outfit

Dog Pack Bundle

If all the different types of dogs is too much to handle then the Dog Pack Bundle might help calm you down. If you can’t decide on just one, why not three?

This bundle contains the Snowy Alsatian, Alsatian Bilge Rat Outfit, Silverfoot Whippet, Whippet Bilge Rat Outfit, Coral Inu and Inu Bilge Rat Outfit.

Dog Pack Bundle


The Shrouded Ghost Ship cosmetics that could be earned during the Hunters of the Deep event were just a tease of what was to come. Prepare for more Shrouded Ghost goodies!

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Costumes

The Shrouded Ghost Hunter Costumes Bundle comes with two two Shrouded Ghost Hunter Costume options to express your enthusiasm for all things Megalodon.

One of the costumes changes your pirate skin to Meg skin allowing you to fully embrace the Shrouded Ghost. If you don’t want to take it that far then you can always use the other costume that keeps your regular skin color while equipped.

You can purchase this fin-filled bundle for 999 Ancient Coin.

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Costumes

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss

The next time you spot a Megalodon you’ll want to bring out your Shrouded Ghost Blunderbuss! This Blunderbuss cosmetic is sure to make that giant shark think twice before biting into your ship!

The Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss costs 249 Ancient Coin.

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss

Hunter’s Call Emote Bundle

Do you feel one with the Hunter’s Call? Is chilling while fishing and cooking delicious stews more up your ally as a pirate?

This new emote bundle might be the perfect bundle to help you express your inner foodie!

The Hunter’s Call Emote Bundle includes the Salt Bay, Toothpick, Tracking and Knife Trick emotes. The Hunter’s Call Emote Bundle costs 499 Ancient Coin.

Hunter's Call Emote Bundle

Dog Dance Emote

The free emote for this month is of course on theme. You can pick up the Dog Dance emote for free and wag that little tail of yours all around the tavern. You might embarrass your dog while doing it though…

Dog Dance Emote


The Shrouded Ghost Ship collection that was teased during the Hunters of the Deep event is now in the Pirate Emporium in full force. Every piece is now available to purchase and is just as fearsome as previewed.

If you were able to collect enough Shark Teeth to unlock a few of them already, then you only need to worry about getting the pieces you didn’t unlock.

Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship Collection

There’s no proof that adorning this ship cosmetic will help lure out the elusive Shrouded Ghost but it couldn’t hurt right?

The Shrouded Ghost Hunter Ship collection includes the Shrouded Ghost Hunter Wheel, Sails, Hull, Flag, Figurehead, Capstan and Cannons.

Separately from the bundle you can purchase the Collector’s Shrouded Ghost Hunter Figurehead and Sails to maximize your Shrouded Ghost look.

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