Pirate Emporium May Update

In Store on the Shores! May 27th – Jun. 17th 2020

Where has the time gone!? We’ve been so occupied palling around with our pet cat that we can’t believe it’s already time for new goodies in the Pirate Emporium!

The month of May brings some great Pirate Emporium sales as well as a very unique costume! The costume is accompanied by a matching fishing rod and ship bundle.

These themed cosmetics are sure to make a splash with the community!


You will want to first check the Sale tab in the Pirate Emporium if you have been holding out for some particular items to go on sale. You might just find that pet outfit or emote you’ve been waiting to grab at a discount!

In the Sale section, you’ll find the Wild Rose Pet Outfit collection. Each outfit for the applicable pets is now only 149 Ancient Coin each.

If you need a pet to dress in the first place, you will find a total of 12 different monkeys and parrots on sale. Each of the pets available are 349 Ancient Coin instead of the usual 499 Ancient Coin.

Enough about your cute little companions! Time to think about your pirate. You will find several emote bundles on sale from the Sovereign Emote Bundle to the Order of Souls Emote Bundle.

Another exciting sale has to do with the first and only potion in the Pirate Emporium! You’ll find the Pirate Appearance Potion available to purchase for just 99 Ancient Coin!

Pirate Appearance Potion


Everyone’s favorite fish is making a mighty appearance in the Pirate Emporium this month! You will find a fishing rod and brand new costume themed after this fish you love to hate, the Ruby Splashtail!

Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume

The first ever costume available for purchase in the Pirate Emporium is the Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume. This costume not only dresses you in some impressive looking ocean garb but also changes the color of your pirate’s skin!

Just as the costumes before this one, it is a one-item ensemble that will override any of your other clothing options you have selected.

Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume

Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod

If you want a more subtle tribute to the Ruby Splashtail or are looking to complete the Ruby Splashtail look, you’ll want to add this themed fishing rod to your collection.

You can purchase the Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod for 149 Ancient Coin. We are not sure how any future Ruby Splashtails you catch with this thing will feel. Honored or mocked? Either way, you will look cool doing it!

Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod

Three Sheets to the Wind

Hooray! Another free emote is available in the Pirate Emporium!

If you would like to act like your favorite Executive Producer, Joe Neate, the Three Sheets to the Wind emote will allow you to do just that. This emote nails all of Joe’s signature hand gestures that we have all become accustomed to over the years from watching the Developer Update videos.

If you are not talking to your crew while doing this emote, you are doing it all wrong!

Three Sheets to the Wind


You thought the Ruby Splashtail party ended didn’t you? Fear not! It’s time to pay your respects to the most common fish in the sea with a beautifully themed ship collection!

Ruby Splashtail Ship Collection

If you are wanting to fully immerse yourself into the world of the Ruby Splashtail, the Ruby Splashtail Ship Collection is the ship collection you have been waiting for!

This is the first ship bundle to not pay homage to one of Rare’s previous games. If it was ever the time to veer away from the heritage collections, the Ruby Splashtail is the fish to do it right.

For 2,499 Ancient Coin, you can purchase the entire bundle that includes the Ruby Splashtail Wheel, Sails, Hull, Flag, Figurehead, Capstan and Cannons.

You can purchase each of the cosmetics listed above individually if you prefer to own just a few pieces from the ship bundle.

The Collector’s versions of the Figurehead and Sails are available to purchase for 799 Ancient Coin each.

What a fun month for the Pirate Emporium! We can’t wait to see pirates embracing this famous fish in costume or ship cosmetics as we sail the Sea of Thieves!

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