Sea of Sands Ship Collection

In Store on the Shores! March 2021

This month’s Pirate Emporium update adds a brand new cosmetic set to the Sea of Thieves, the Sea of Sands! Browsing through the Pirate Emporium, you’ll find Sea of Sands Weapon cosmetics, the Sea of Sands Crew Set, and the Sea of Sands Ship Collection.

You’ll also find shiny new Gold Curse Collector Pets to purchase, the return of The Reaper’s Mark sails, and even some fun seasonal emotes!

To celebrate the game’s third anniversary, the Pirate Emporium is also bringing back the beloved Reaper’s Mark Sails for a limited time!

So grab your Ancient Coins, celebrate the third anniversary of the Sea of Thieves and end the first Season strong!


The March Pirate Emporium update adds two new Collector’s Pets that will give you an extra shine as you sail the sea with them by your side!

Gold Curse Alsatian and Macaw

Losing either of these two pets would be as devastating as losing your gold pouch! The Gold Curse Alsatian and Macaw were transformed into living treasures, making them as valuable as they are cute.

You can purchase each separately for 649 Ancient Coin.


As one might expect, you’ll discover new Weapon cosmetics, a couple of new emote bundles, a brand new Crew Set, and the monthly free emote in this month’s batch of Pirate Emporium customizations.

Sea of Sands Weapon Bundle

If you are looking for an exotic set of weapons to brandish as you sail the Sea of Thieves, you’ll want to check out the Sea of Sands Weapon Bundle. Their design is popular in the Eastern deserts foreign to the Sea of Thieves.

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or separately for 249 Ancient Coin each.

Sea of Sands Crew Set

The Sea of Sands Crew Set includes the Sea of Sands Captain Costume and three Sea of Sands Crew Costumes. Owning this set allows up to three crew members to wear the Crew Costumes from the set, while the Captain Costume is exclusive to the set owner. The Crew Costumes will automatically appear in the Clothing Chest of any crew members without the Crew Set.

You can purchase the Sea of Sands Crew Set for 1,499 Ancient Coin. The costumes cannot be purchase separately.

Sea of Sands Crew Set

Showboater Weapon Pose Bundle

Looking for another reason to show off your beautiful weapon cosmetic? Look no further than the new Showboater Weapon Pose Bundle. Not only will you get to flourish your holstered weapon to any nearby pirates, but do it while showing off your impressive weapon handling skills.

Depending on which weapon you have equipped, you will spin, swipe, and toss your weapons around.

You can purchase the bundle 249 Ancient Coin, which includes the Showboater Skills and Showboater Swagger emotes.

Showboater Emotes

Secret Coconut Emote Bundle

The season for hunting eggs…we mean coconuts, is upon us! You can celebrate the holiday with a brand new coconut-focused emote bundle.

The Secret Coconut Emote Bundle includes the Secret Coconut Seeker, Faceslap, Juggler, and Painter emotes.

You can purchase the emote bundle for 499 Ancient Coin or each emote separately for 149 Ancient Coin.

Secret Coconut Emote Bundle

ROFL Emote

This month’s free Pirate Emporium emote is the ROFL emote! Good for every hilarious occasion!

ROFL Emote


Last month, the Pirate Emporium introduced the very mechanical and ridged Rogue Tinkerer Ship Set. This month the Pirate Emporium went the opposite direction and introduced a ship collection that is much more natural and fluid!

Sea of Sands Ship Collection

This genie-inspired ship set will attract pirates from all over in hopes of rubbing your hull and having their wishes granted.

The Sea of Sands Ship Collection includes the Sea of Sands Figurehead, Sails, Hull, Flag, Capstan, Wheel, Cannons, and Cannon Flare. You can purchase the collection for 2,499 Ancient Coin.

Sold separately is the Sea of Sands Collector’s Figurehead and Sails for 799 Ancient Coin.

Reaper’s Mark Sails

The community favorite Reaper’s Mark Sails are back for a limited time to celebrate the game’s anniversary! You can purchase the sails for 499 Ancient Coin.

Reaper's Mark Sails

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