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The most exciting update yet for Sea of Thieves, The Cursed Sails, has just been released and with it comes many new pirate festivities for the community to enjoy. One of the many new features being introduced to the game are ships helmed by skeletons! Similar to The Hungering Deep, The Cursed Sails provides a story for the players to follow that will shed light onto why these new threats have emerged from the sea. While Merrick had players hunting for journals to reveal the history of the mighty Megalodon, in The Cursed Sails, Wanda the Weaponsmith has left clues behind about her disappearance that ultimately lead to the new menace roaming the seas.

Stuck trying to gather all the clues? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find an image and text-based guide to help you out.

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This Guide Contains Spoilers!


1 – Visit Sharon on Golden Sands Outpost

Go to the shipwright, Sharon, on Golden Sands Outpost and ask her about Wanda. She will tell you to go and check out the Weaponsmith Shop on the outpost. This step will start the Cursed Sails campaign.


2 – Investigate Wanda’s Workshop

Turn around and walk over to the Weaponsmith’s Shop. You will find Wanda is missing and has been replaced by her sister, Wonda. Inside the shop, investigate the note and the pendant. After investigating those two items, turn around and look down at the entrance of the shop. Follow the footprints from the shop to the beach and investigate the footprints. These three actions will complete the first step of the campaign.


3 – Return to Sharon on Golden Sands Outpost

After telling Sharon what you found in the shop, she will tell you about the possible whereabouts of Wanda and Salty. Apparently the two used to meet on Crescent Isle.

4 – Find Salty on Crescent Isle

Get on your vessel and head on over to Crescent Isle. In the cove, you will spot Salty in parrot form on a barrel. Talk to him and he will give you directions for the next clues. You will be heading to Mermaid’s Hideaway, Thieves’ Haven (large island near Plunder Outpost) and The Sunken Grove (island between two Outposts) to read Wanda’s journals.


5 – Find Wanda’s Journals

You can collect them all in any order but you will be visiting Mermaid’s Hideaway, Thieves’ Haven and The Sunken Grove to read Wanda’s journals. The journal on Mermaid’s Hideaway is in the camp near the body of water in the island. The journal on Thieves’ Haven is in the shipwreck camp on the East side of the island. The journal on The Sunken Grove is in the cave camp at the center of the island. Reading these three journals will have you return to Salty on Crescent Isle.


6 – Return to Salty on Crescent Isle

Once returning and talking to Salty on Crescent Isle, he will tell you about Wanda’s secret hideout on Wanderer’s Refuge. You know where to go next!


7 – Investigate Wanda’s Alchemy Lab

Once on Wanderer’s Refuge, head over to the big tunnel in the middle of the island. Once there you will find a small opening on the South West side of it. Walk on in and discover Wanda’s Alchemy Lab. In here you will need to interact with five objects. There will be the Evil Pirate Code on the table in the middle, the cannon base behind the table to the right, an apron laying on a bed in the far right of the room, then a scroll on the back middle wall, and some tools to the back left. Once investigating these five items, you will be instructed to return to Sharon on Golden Sands Outpost.


8 – Return to Sharon on Golden Sands Outpost

Go to the shipwright, Sharon, on Golden Sands Outpost and tell her about your findings on Wanda. After explaining Wanda’s story, you will be given a new sail. You can collect two more at the other outposts Sharon tells you to visit.

UPDATE: Some players have been running into an issue where Sharon will not grant the sails or have the option to tell her about your discoveries regarding Wanda. There have been reports that speaking to Salty again on Crescent Isle will fix this issue. Worth giving a try!

Also, double check your progress for the inspection of clues in the Bilge Rat commendations. You should have 3/3 for investigating the shop, 3/3 for finding the journals and 5/5 for investigating the Alchemy Lab.

And there it is, you have now completed Wanda’s story and discovered the origin of the skeleton ships. This small chunk of the Cursed Sails is just the beginning of your time with the update. There are skeleton ships to conquer and seas to reclaim.

Skeleton Ships

Each region in the Sea of Thieves is now under attack by skeleton pirate crews! You will now notice the outposts in each region have a skeleton banner planted in the middle of the shops. These banners have details attached to them about when and where to find the skeleton crews threatening the region. The locations and times are as follows:

The Battle for The Shores of Plenty

North West of Smuggler’s Bay, 1st through the 10th,

The Great War of The Ancient Isles

West of Sharkbait Cove, 11th through the 20th

The Final Stand of The Wilds

East of Marauder’s Arch, 21st through the 30th

To conquer the skeleton crew in The Shores of Plenty for example, you will need to head North West of Smuggler’s Bay between the 1st and the 10th in-game day. You can use your pocket watch to see what the current day is. The Sea of Thieves runs on a different clock than what you might be used to. One day in the Sea of Thieves is 24 minutes long.

Once you are at the location at the right time, waves of skeleton ships will rise out of the water and attack you and any nearby ships. You will have to defeat multiple waves until you get to the captain wave, much like the skeleton forts. Be sure to stock up on supplies and try to form an alliance with any nearby ships. These skeleton crews are not joking around.

Between finding out what that suspicious Wanda has been up to and fending off skeleton crews in the Sea of Thieves, you will be a busy pirate for the next three weeks! Let us know if you have any questions below! Good luck out there pirates!

32 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves – Cursed Sails Campaign Guide”

  1. Okay so me and my friend did the quest and went to see Sharon to which she just caps locked us about Wanda and then I got a notification saying that the: ‘Cursed Sails Begins.’?? was i supposed to get that at the start?
    She also gave us no sails or any directions even after restarting the game so… i’m confused as to if this is a glitch or i’ve missed something??

    I hope someone can help, Thankyou xx

    1. You have two options when talking to Sharon after the quest: Ask Sharon about Wanda and tell Sharon about Wanda. Asking about Wanda is what you should do from the start and telling her about Wanda will complete the quest. You only have the option to Sharon about Wanda after doing all the steps.

      1. We didn’t get the option to tell her about Wanda, only ask after we completed the entire thing and was directed back to her?

        1. Hmm, that is very odd. Have you checked through your Bilge Rat commendations to make sure that you have 3/3 for shop items, 3/3 for journals and 5/5 for lab items?

          1. I am not sure. If you investigated all three items it should say 3. I would personally leave the server you are on and interact with all three again to see if it updates. Good luck!

    2. Also having this exact problem, got to wanderers refuge and found all the items, was told to go back to Sharon and there isn’t even an option to talk about Wanda. Glitch? Kinda pissed off tbh because I’ve spent the past 5 hours completing the questline and there’s no rewards or even an ending.

  2. Thank for the guide Amir! My friend and I just complete the quest and i did get the completion, but my friend is stuck at the last part with Sharon like Jemina says.

    1. Darn, that’s no good! In their Bilge Rat commendations, do they have have 3/3 for shop items, 3/3 for journals and 5/5 for lab items?

        1. I am not sure to be honest. I followed these exact steps and didn’t run into that issue. I know others have been getting the Sails at the end as well following this. Have you tried leaving the server and joining a new one? That is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

          1. I am also haveing the same problem I can’t get the reward or tell her about Wanda. I talk to Salty again still and it still doesn’t work. I was looking forward to getting the sails and can’t get it.

  3. Where do i find the journal on thieves haven im at the shipwreck on the inside of the island and theres a campfire but i dont see it??

  4. What are the two other outpost where you get sails? I went to daggertooth and golden sands, but what’s the third one?

    1. Check out the Shipwrights at Plunder Outpost and Daggertooth Outpost to get the other region’s sails.

  5. My husband and I just finished as well the campaign as well and didn’t have the option to tell her about Wanda either. Only “I’ve found some clues” Like we hadn’t been to see Salty or any of the other stuff yet. Said we got a sail, and a new title. Got the title, no sail though? Must be bugged 🙁

    1. Hmm, so the yellow sails popped up and said they were unlocked but they were not in your Shipwright inventory yet? If that is the case, maybe try switching servers to see if that refreshes it. Some people have been saying that talking to Salty again has fixed whatever issues they had with Sharon. Also might be worth a try!

  6. Hi, I’m curious about the boat flags, I only got 2 (the yellow and the purple), is there a third one ? For the third raid ? And where do I find it ? ): ?

    1. Yes, there are three total. One from Sharon at Golden Sands. The other two are at Plunder Outpost and Daggertooth. Speak with the shipwright at each!

  7. We finished it and killed a skeleton ship… then another spawned w/ no skellies. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. We sunk them all and got the loot, but it honestly wasn’t worth that much; maybe $10000. Didn’t get any commedations or anything for killing them, but I’m not sure if we were supposed to. Certainly cool tho.

    1. Oh wow! Sounds like you got pretty lucky there with the no skellie spawn ships! I have heard a few stories about that happening. Hmm, that is odd you didn’t get a commendation. You definitely should have. What region were you in? And the battles in each region are wave based similar to the skull forts.

  8. Amir, I’d like to say thank you. Your guides are informative and help me go step-by-step through the game. It’s a huge help and I hope you keep up the great work thanks.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! We will do our best to bring the same quality for any new content that needs a guide 🙂

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