So a while back I got a hold of an interesting piece of memorabilia/merchandise and thought I would share. I am a huge Rare fan and have been collecting anything Rare related for years now.

Anyway…the piece that I happened upon is a board game. In the early 1990’s the guys at Rare were intrigued with the conventional toy and game business as well as the arcade business so Chris and Tim Stamper had prototyped a board game called ANTIQUES.

During this time Rare was super busy working on a ton of NES games as you know so the Antiques board game got put on the back burner and pretty much forgotten even though it ended up being shown to Milton Bradley/Hasbro Games.

The prototype is very elaborate, and could be mistaken for a production piece. The brothers put a lot of time and money into the development of this concept.

The premise of the game is very interesting. It’s sort of a home version of a Sotheby’s Auction, along the lines of classic Monopoly type gameplay. You can read the first page of rules in one of the images included below. There’s a gorgeous gameboard, a real wooden auctioneer’s mallet, wooden stands for players cards and a complete set of instructions. The Stamper brothers put hundreds of hours into this prototype when factoring in the work it took to develop the game logic and play-through on top of the time and money it takes to build a fairly elaborate, one-of-a-kind prototype.

There is only one prototype in the entire world, and its even more unique in that this was Rare’s one and only foray into the classic board game business.